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  1. It's a good segment and is the type of thing that helps build a sense of "community" with fans of podcast.

    I hope they bring Chart Chatter back, but agree with Bucho that it should be moved to later in the show. It's a momentum killer at the top but would fit in nicely near the end, either at the very end or right before the Obscure Facts About the Guest game.

  2. Really enjoyed this episode. I'm with Dustin, CBB/CDR has always had a musical element. The fact that the show has grown enough to pull in talent like Nick Lowe (NICK LOWE!!!!) is pretty incredible.

    Also, this is as good a time as any to share this pic of my wife and Margaret Cho telling me that I'm #3 (or something).


  3. I think it would be more accurate to look at podcasts taking over terrestrial radio share of the market, especially as more and more cars become "Smart" and allow you to download content directly to your dashboard. Also, now that I have an AV plug-in in the car, I listen to almost nothing but podcasts (and WXRT) while I drive.

    As far as advertisers go, it's hard for them to wrap their brain around this medium. It's best compared to national syndicated radio shows (like Dr. Laura, Bob & Tom, etc) but doesn't have the kind of large audience that syndicated radio brings. So you have to look more at what KIND of audience you're reaching... And that's the great thing about podcasts. It's not for all advertisers, but it's an audience that's loyal, tuned-in, and easy to narrowly target as far as demographics go. It's not a huge audience (even Carolla, Smith, and Maron can't compare to most syndicated radio listenership) but it's the RIGHT audience.