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  1. astralweeks

    Meeting Up

    There seems to be a BIG Chicago Earwolf community! A meetup would be great!
  2. astralweeks

    I miss...

    I agree. Although sounds of the airport and Doug Benson plugging is rad it feels like forever since I laughed at an episode. Still love it though!
  3. astralweeks

    How can we improve the Earwolf.com forums?

    Most websites / communities shy away from chat. I can see why, people let it get out of hand. I may be going out on a limb but I think the people here would use it respectfully. Another idea could be an Earwolf staff member or guest could chat to answer questions or make announcements at a certain time weekly.
  4. astralweeks

    Earwolf without ED

    Whatever the reason I wish Doug luck.
  5. astralweeks

    Episode 1.1 — Meet the Podcasts: Day 1

    Very interesting! I can't wait for more episodes to see this evolve. Congrats for another great podcast for the pack.