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  1. Paul, first of all I LOVE The League and can't wait for season 3! I saw you guys at Bonnaroo. To the point I recently tried to watch Pearl Harbor for the first time because I swear I heard a few people saw it wasn't too bad, I couldn't finish it. Do you generally plan to keep the movies at the normal 90 minute length or are you going to have some epic, sweeping piles of shit for the show? Love the podcast and I hope it goes on for a long time to come.

  2. Andres- I totally agree with your point that it might be hard to follow. If someone's opinion has changed or said something that they regret the delete option would be nice or at least the option to always edit. [Just used the edit button to add a point :)] If there was a way to go directly to your account with a link on top that would be nice. To find out if a thread that I posted to has been updated I have to go to one of my posts and click on my name. Seems like too much work.

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  3. This idea started off from a (comedic) love of Paul F. Tompkins. As many of you know he does a ton of podcasts and there is no upcoming listing of which podcast he will be on. I know that the goal would be to drive people to earwolf podcasts but if they are coming here or to the app to find the listings I think it would bring a ton of new earballs to Earwolf. Part of me thinks this is great and another part thinks its counter intuitive. Just a thought.


  4. I think one of the fun things about reality television is the alliances that people form to avoid elimination. I am not sure how it would work but if there is an opportunity for alliances I think it would be really fun.

  5. There were no responses for a couple of days so I was worried that this post was taken in a bad way. Expanding on the Bruce Wayne - Batman / Scott - Jeff comparison I remember when Earwolf was announced Scott didn't want to even say Jeff's name. He needed some time to think of the comedic name of his Mr. Hyde Jeff Ullrich. :)

    PS. No auto correction, I do not mean Earwax!
    PPS. You guys need to put out some 45s and call it Earwax.

  6. I have found that the moments are embarrassing because most people are not aware of podcasts. They think that you are listening to weird al or something. I try to think of another word to replace podcast but im tapped. Also I was shocked that the wolf den was the least listened to show, I find it informative and entertaining.

  7. *****I think the description is wrong for this episode. We heard the totally lame podcast and not left handed radio. *****

    Hearing the podcasts today I think the best fit for Earwolf would be the totally lame podcast. They seem to have an ease about them while still being funny. Would I like to hear more from TV zombies? Of course but even though I am male the totally lame podcast would bring something to females that the others don't. That being said they all sound good although F+ is a tad creepy.

    Ps Matt Besser just rung the nerd alarm bell heard 'round the world. I like hearing people geek out about stuff so it was nice.

  8. I think having Scott on as a guest would give an even deeper look inside Earwolf. How the bread is made is an outstanding feature but an actual conversation would be great. It has been stated plenty of times that it's not a comedic show but I think it would be a greatly informative show. I don't think I have heard how Scott got started with Earwolf. Love the show, it's endlessly enlightening.

  9. I just wanted to say in the past 3 or 4 episodes Who Charted has really come into it's own. The show feels more comfortable which makes it makes it a very enjoyable listen. As Jeff said on The Wolf Den Howard seemed to come out of nowhere in the podcasting world. His humor was a slow boiler but now they are cooking with gas! Keep it up Howlap!