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  1. What is absolutely amazing is listening to the latest episode of the Canon, which was recorded right before these tweets.


    And they were reviewing "A Face In the Crowd" - and Faraci talks about how nowadays, one could get off a plane to discover that he/she has been publicly shamed and that their life is over.


    I think his public apology is about as good as one can do with a mere tweet, although I don't think just tweeting about it is enough.


    Maybe I'm a Faraci apologist - I don't follow him on Twitter - but I've seen real growth in civility from him on the Canon podcast over the past year. And I have recognized that some of the traits of his that I find ugly, I also have been guilty of doing.

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  2. I showed this movie at my theater this past spring. I recall it being a classic. But nostalgia was the only thing propelling this most recent viewing. Way too flawed to be canon-worthy, even though I still enjoy the film.

  3. I'm looking forward to voting no on this. And I more often side with Devin than Amy. But I see Se7en much as Amy does: lots of set dressing on a fairly hollow film. It's like a industrial-metal Tim Burton movie - lots of style, little substance. Maybe if I liked the style more, I'd view this more favorably....but the best I can do is appreciate it.