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    Episode 24 — Who Are Our Superfans?

    I've been listening to The Wolf Den since it started and I must admit that I've come to the forums from time to time and have shamefully ignored Jeff and Scott's pleads for participation...then you released this episode. Now I feel like a jerk for not giving you the attention and devotion you all deserve. A 23 year-old jerk studying Marketing & Sociology in Austin, TX and whose only passions include stand up and writing segues that bring the attention back on himself. Comedy Death Bang and The Wolf Den are among the elite group of podcasts that I have listened to every episode of, regardless of length or the amount of plane breaks. Others include Doug Loves Movies, Nerdist, WTF and This Week in Marketing. Thanks for all the laughter and inspiration you bring the listeners and for giving us a great place to meet fellow fans and comics alike. My sincerest apologies for the mostly unintentional silent treatment...and the sentence written in the third person.