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    Episode 13 — Crank 2: High Voltage

    Love this movie and this podcast, but this was hands-down the weakest entry yet. If I wanted to hear 4 people repeat "That was A-M AZING! - That was fucked up - That was INCREDIBLE! - That was crazy" then I can mention Crank 2 to the meatheads at my office and hear them yammer on about it. What happened to trying to figure out the motivations for why a film was made. I guess for this one it was easy; the first one was a success. Then why does it qualify for this podcast? Because Scheer liked it? I bet he likes lots of movies. What happened to trying to figure out some of the stranger moments/themes? It seemed like when anyone raised a question: What was Chocolate's role, how did the head operate...we just moved right on. No theories about the head being from hell, or how someone should have drank a beer out of it. Maybe the gang should just stick to movies that they don't love and think are "incredible!" and are popular films, so we don't have to get is JD Raphael saying "That was Amazing!" dozens and dozens of times.