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  1. Monkey, Donkey on the wall. Monkey jump, monkey fall. Donkey stand, donkey sit, Donkey says "You're it!"
  2. BobbyH

    Episode 101 — Cars

    I was listening to this episode as I walked through the gym. When Kyle came up with the "Wagonini," it actually made my knees buckle and I stumbled a little because I was laughing so hard. It's the first time that comedy nearly made me fall. Great episode, guys!
  3. I know you guys JOKE about wrangling Aaron, but you can count me as someone who really wishes it would happen more. He has made these last two live episodes very hard for me to get through. The show soars when Kyle is completely invested in the proceedings, David is the hilarious ad-libber/anchor and Tig is...well...Tig.
  4. BobbyH

    Episode 134 — Milk In The Bathtub

    This was another great Sklarbro Country episode. Although I think this week's "County" with David Huntsberger was even stronger. You guys are really on a roll lately. A bunch of really strong episodes. Keep it up, and thanks for doing it! I'm hoping to see you when you come to Ann Arbor.
  5. BobbyH

    Episode 102.5 — Sklarbro County 7

    Three hours after hearing it, "Chewie in the distance" is still making me laugh.
  6. Hey, gang, welcome to the show. I have to begin with a HUGE announcement...this is the last Comedy Bang Bang podcast. I've decided to hang up the ol' mic--meaning microphone--and call it quits. I will, however, continue to do the TV show but, as for this podcast, today's show will be the last. Imagine that catchphrase on a t-shirt. Bob Hogan Michigan
  7. ...Or: "Hold it! I have a mouthful of Feces Pieces--the candy."