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    Episode 86 — July 22, 2011

    Eardrop moved to http://eardrop.fm/ instead of earwolf.com, where people are still recording it. It's kind of confusing because if you click on 'listen to eardrop' there, it takes you back here - but all the new eardrops are on eardrop.fm only. It's also not easy to get to the eardrops there other than the 'top drops', but it's possible; here's the link to Scott's: http://eardrop.fm/scottaukerman/
  2. exmensa

    Episode 29 — Atheism

    http://traffic.libsyn.com/professorblastoff/PB_29_MAIN_EDIT_Atheism.mp3 should do the job, now with commercials!
  3. exmensa

    Episode 29 — Atheism

    Yes, there was a big dead space where the commercial was supposed to be. It's not like I was almost causing fifteen-car-pileups while madly fast forwarding ten seconds at a time to see if anything came afterwards or anything, so NO BIG DEAL JESUS CHRIST GUYS ..just kidding. But yeah there was no commercial. Also, fabulous heaven door greeter was fucking fabulous. Also also, am I the only person that really dislikes forced laughter? I don't usually roam the comments after an episode so I don't know if that's a common thing, but it really grates my nerves and I'm not easily grated. If you have to do that, save it for the very end so I can just stop there then you can insult me for not liking forced laughter afterwards and I'll never know! The group sigh concept sounded much better, and wouldn't make me grimace for thirty seconds. This whole lame question was spurred by the last episode anyway and there wasn't any forced anything in this one, so who the hell cares what I'm talking about?
  4. exmensa

    Episode 112 - Since You've Been Gone

    Didn't think it was worth a new topic as you're probably on top of it already, but I see the problem with the soundcloud links- "http://soundcloud.com/comedybangbang/cbb-112/s-uZmwb/download" is what gets generated for the link, which 404s. "http://soundcloud.com/comedybangbang/cbb-112/download/s-uZmwb/" is what actually works. Just a misplaced /download I took all of about five seconds to look into that, so that might not be consistent..thought I'd give you a heads up. Also, I haven't listened to this episode yet but wow did I laugh out loud at the last one. Thanks for that