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    Segment Ideas

    The Main Idea: Each member makes their own synopsis of the movie Recast: IF you would, who would you recast to make the movie even better A perfect Combination: If you like ___________, go see this movie Re-Release: The movie is being remade in Japan, what's gonna change? (I don't know why, but I imagining Con Air, West Side Story, and Spiderman remade in Japan is killing me) Wise Words: Every movie just wants to teach a kind lesson, this one is all about _________ I'm watching Operation: Endgame as I'm typing this; It's so good I got a nosebleed.
  2. r3m1x

    Episode 112 - Since You've Been Gone

    The title of this episode reminded me of the song by Kelly Clarkson because I am so lonely. It was fun listening to this episode pretending Kelly was in the room with you constantly being interrupted by everyone talking. Kelly's frustration explains why all her music videos are the way they are. Great Episode. Yea Yea.