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    Episode 2 — Analyze Phish Episode 2

    so if your thinking of going to a show YOU DO NOT WANNA DO ANY HARDCORE DRUGS.....you wanna smoke and thats about it. You mention doing X for the first time, NO WAY, its fun but that stuffs dangerous (and the hangover is a B*TCH). You wanna smoke w**D and thats about it, and drink to your hearts content. But you wanna be able to be in control of it for sure, cause some of there jams get DOWNRIGHT SCARY and freaky and out there. an example is "spocks Brain" and the vocal jam at the end of YEM.....either of these if your not in the right mindset on some hardcore stuff you could flat out lose ya mind. If you wanna venture a lil trippier I'd say shrooms, but anything beyond that ya may end up in a not fun place if your not enjoying yourself.