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  1. roeshamboe

    Episode 173 — Doughnut Agree

    Assume that a millipede's leg is 1mm wide. that's pretty small. in fact, let's assume a millipede's leg is 0.5mm wide. Now let's assume there's like 0.5mm space between each leg for movement. Now let's assume that Lawrence was correct when he asserted that centipedes have 100s of legs, but millipedes have 1000s(?!) That would mean millipedes would be at least 1-2 meters long. AAAAUUUUGGGHHH !!! If you come across a 2 meter long millipede or anything that has "1000s of legs", run, because you're in a horror movie and you just met the monster.
  2. roeshamboe

    Episode 63.5 2/17/12 Two Charted

    "down and to the right" spit out my drink.
  3. roeshamboe

    Episode 62.5 — 2/10/12 TWO CHARTED

    don't forget Cage was in Valley Girl as a guy from the wrong side of the tracks (and his chest hairs shaved into a "V") and howie, don't be hatin' on motorbikes... without my moto, i'd be stuck in traffic trying to get from OC to UCB, Largo, etc. and never get to any shows.
  4. - Garfunkel & Oates - Sklars - Al Yank - Good One Robot - Burr - Rob "Vanilla Ice" Van Winkle
  5. roeshamboe

    Episode 29.5 — Minisode 29.5

    I literally fist pumped the air when it was announced that Mr. V.W. was gonna be the guest. Until that point, I kept thinking how amazing it would be if he was the guest. only problem? you should do a live taping !!!!! i was at Superman III and will be at Birdemic tonite and Cool as Ice live taping would be epic. in any case, Mr. ICE gets all my respect. He got in the game, got paid, and wisely invested his money. He's a smart guy. can't wait.
  6. roeshamboe

    Episode 61 — Time Traveling Skrillex

    my second favorite brown actor/comedian. definitely at least third, no less.
  7. gonna pretend to work for the next hour, but listen to this instead. court documents don't have deadlines, right?
  8. roeshamboe

    Episode 58 — Critter Sandusky

    new songs? thumbs yes!
  9. roeshamboe

    Who Charted Live

    any plans to do a taping at Largo? i noticed How Did This Get Made? is doing one.
  10. roeshamboe

    Episode 44 — Toilet Full of Scary

    i had to hit pause at 14:04 to catch my breath. i've been laughing so hard i couldn't breathe for about 12 minutes straight. i almost popped two blood vessels when HK started talking about scare tactics. ok, heartrate back to somewhat normal... hitting unpause.... NOW...
  11. roeshamboe


    There I was, sitting in my favorite spot in the Largo atrium waiting for the Benson Interruption to start. I was taking up space at a small table right by the artists'/side door where you have a decent view of the small courtyard, foyer, and front gate. As with everybody else these days, my face was buried in my phone doing absolutely nothing important. I was also without a clue that the Brothers Sklar were going to be interrupted that evening. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed someone heading in my general direction... no big deal, could be someone grabbing another table, or staff using the door.. whatever. I glanced up, as one does, and much to my surprise, Randy Sklar is standing about 2 feet away from me heading backstage before the Interruption. It is at this point I should mention that, under Dr.'s orders, I had ingested a quite sufficient amount of medicinal cannabis pre-show. It was in this weird foggy haze that I made the realization of who it was standing in front of me. Involuntarily, and while making quasi-eye-contact with Randy, I muttered quietly to myself in a super stoned haze... "henderson?" as if that was his name and I was slowly recognizing a long-lost college roommate. There was no motive to catch his attention, get an autograph or picture, just ... "henderson?" It was then that he paused at the door, repeated to himself in a quiet voice, "henderson?" and caught my full gaze. I'm not sure if he was puzzled at the very low volume and tone of the "henderson" or that it was phrased as a question or if he had to go through the process of "My name's not Henderson, you idiot, it's Randy.... ooooohhhhh...... Henderson..." He then stopped fully and reached out to shake my hand (highlight of the week). I'm pretty sure that's how it happened. I'd also like to take this time to apologize for throwing out that "OSBALDISTAN!" from the audience in the last Benson Interruption podcast. Keep up the good work guys.
  12. roeshamboe

    Guests you want to see on Sklarbro Country

    Sklarboro Country Episode 61 - "Beef Wellington" Randy gets a long awaited chance to reminisce about his surprise appearance on Take Home Chef with Curtis Stone. Topics include "strange men in my house", "SURPRISE! CAMERA CREW!!", and the old standard of "I cook, you clean." Chef Stone discusses Australian Rules Football, Rugby, and Ultimate Boomerang.