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  1. Season 2 is available now on Stitcher premium.
  2. That was freaking amazing.
  3. This ep brought joy to my incredibly depressed heart. Thank you.
  4. The beginning of this ep had me ROCK hard. Does that make me a perv?
  5. Everything about this episode was magic.
  6. This episode should qualify as a work of art. The part about Playing House gave me a laughing fit. My sons are confused. Best episode so far. Jason is perfection as Gutterballs. They REALLY need to make this a weekly show.
  7. This show is an absolute thing of beauty.
  8. Shoot, that's the best part to me! It keeps switching from British to German to something unidentifiable, and I love it!
  9. I got VERY hard during that forced breastfeeding part. No idea why...
  10. jparkeriv

    Episode 211 — Depresskimos

    It saddens me that this got no likes. It is a thing of beauty. Bravo. And bravo.
  11. Lauren is officially a podcast legend. Everything she does is gold.
  12. I nearly lost my mind at the precum line. And from that huge snicker, I'm thinking Lauren did as well.
  13. jparkeriv

    Episode 2 — The Betsy Podcast

    Lauren is so underrated. She and Paul F. are the only two who can both have me double over in pain from laughing every time they are on. And Betsy really did a great job leading this show. Bravo.
  14. jparkeriv

    Episode 173 — Ride Like Hell

    I hurt myself laughing at this episode at least 5 times, then I hurt myself puking at that website I can't bring myself to mention...