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  1. Season 2 is available now on Stitcher premium.
  2. That was freaking amazing.
  3. This ep brought joy to my incredibly depressed heart. Thank you.
  4. The beginning of this ep had me ROCK hard. Does that make me a perv?
  5. Everything about this episode was magic.
  6. This episode should qualify as a work of art. The part about Playing House gave me a laughing fit. My sons are confused. Best episode so far. Jason is perfection as Gutterballs. They REALLY need to make this a weekly show.
  7. This show is an absolute thing of beauty.
  8. Shoot, that's the best part to me! It keeps switching from British to German to something unidentifiable, and I love it!
  9. I got VERY hard during that forced breastfeeding part. No idea why...
  10. It saddens me that this got no likes. It is a thing of beauty. Bravo. And bravo.
  11. Lauren is officially a podcast legend. Everything she does is gold.
  12. I nearly lost my mind at the precum line. And from that huge snicker, I'm thinking Lauren did as well.
  13. Lauren is so underrated. She and Paul F. are the only two who can both have me double over in pain from laughing every time they are on. And Betsy really did a great job leading this show. Bravo.
  14. jparkeriv

    Episode 173 β€” Ride Like Hell

    I hurt myself laughing at this episode at least 5 times, then I hurt myself puking at that website I can't bring myself to mention...
  15. jparkeriv

    Episode 81 β€” Cheetos & Horseradish

    Says the guy whose screenname is "ComedyGangBang." Anyway, Eric Andre is absolutely hilarious. My sons and I love his Adult Swim show. I guess these sticks in the mud are the same people who don't get Tim and Eric as well. Meanwhile all the funniest people around love them. Gee, I wonder whose opinion I'll value more....
  16. jparkeriv

    Episode 164 β€” Clifton Was Here

    Ok, here's my third and last comment. It's really disturbing me how many people aren't 'getting' what's going on here. Maybe it's a product of this selfish, me-me-me generation that doesn't 'get' anything that came before the day they were born. I'm 35 years old, and it irritates me the amount of people my age and under who don't know of comedians from before 1990. These are the same people who find Mencia hilarious and original. Ugh... I consider myself a 'student' of comedy as it were, and I find people like Kaufman, Zmuda, and others of that ilk to be the fathers of alt-comedy. Maybe it's because my father appreciated all types of comedy and taught me to as well. I sure as hell am teaching my kids to pay attention to things outside the bubble they live in. That way they don't get lost in confusion when a classic comedian shows up on a program they like. Sheesh, these kids today...
  17. jparkeriv

    Episode 164 β€” Clifton Was Here

    The link isn't working for me. :-(
  18. jparkeriv

    Episode 164 β€” Clifton Was Here

    I thought the ep was a lot of fun. Scott struggled to keep control of the whole thing, but I felt like it was a lot of fun. Maybe I'm biased though. I've been a huge fan of Clifton's since I was a kid. The man can do no wrong in my opinion. And Schwartz is always perfect on this podcast. So take my two cents for what they're worth.
  19. jparkeriv

    Episode 57 β€” Reconciliation

    Outstanding as always, heartfelt, hilarious, another adjective here. Taylor Dayne was the second popstar I have ever fallen in love with, behind Teena Marie, and it was so nice hearing her on the podcast. She did get a little wacky at points, but I think it's just because she's lived in a different world than the rest of us for a long time, and opinions get based a lot on a person's environment and relationships. She's obviously been around some weird ones. But, still love her to pieces.
  20. jparkeriv

    Episode 33 β€” June Gloom

    I have to agree with Kris up there. I LOOOOVE this show, but the live show stuff is not helping the show one bit. It's poorly recorded and just takes away from this otherwise stellar broadcast. Sorry sisters.
  21. jparkeriv

    Episode 17 β€” 6/1/2012 TWO CHARTED 17

    KuKu has pretty family.
  22. jparkeriv

    Episode 78 β€” G the D a C

    Boo. To you.
  23. jparkeriv

    Episode 69 β€” Ronna & Beverly

    Boo to you, sir.
  24. jparkeriv

    Episode 163 β€” Burning Love

    I have to insist that Hot Saucerman takes a more serious stand on the WYR theme interruptions as well.