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  1. How have they not done this yet?
  2. HipGuide

    Episode 172.5 - Minisode 172.5

    i bet its besser or kroll because they have new projects to plug.
  3. HipGuide

    Episode 172.5 - Minisode 172.5

    Is this their first Denzel movie?
  4. HipGuide

    Mother! (2017)

    rian johnson thought it was hilarious.
  5. HipGuide

    Episode 155.5 - Minisode 155.5

    So Movie Bitches liked Collateral Beauty more than La La Land?
  6. HipGuide

    Episode 440 - Pop-TarTender

    Could you imagine Gabrus, and to an extent Besser, first hearing the drummer at parties rant?
  7. HipGuide

    Episode 436 - Rich Mind Vain

    he's "in exile" on a nickelodeon show.
  8. Jimmy's face looks like "I know! I don't know how it happened either!"
  9. HipGuide

    Who have been your favorite guests?

    Andy Richter was great, prepared for a very obscure movie.
  10. Becky is trolling, right
  11. HipGuide

    Episode 862 - Is NWA Rock 'n' Roll?

    They made the R&R Hall of Fame in Cleveland because the white guy played it on the radio, not because the black guys actually played it.
  12. HipGuide

    Episode 306.5 - Sklarbro County 211

    Don't you make fun of Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz http://cdn.phillymag.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/glennschwartz.jpg
  13. HipGuide

    Episode 856 - Not Knowing Prince Shreds

    Also, the Prince songs played on mainstream radio were/are not guitar-centric, but synth-based, imo.
  14. HipGuide

    Episode 137 - The Avengers: LIVE!

    Paul F. didn't do impressions professionally until the Comedy Death Ray podcast.
  15. HipGuide

    Episode 424 - Almost Parasites

    Patton has an episode in the can but it was shelved until later in the summer because of his wife's death.
  16. HipGuide

    Episode 11 - Jersey Boy

    follow chris gethard on twitter. call in right after he says hes taking a call and tweets out the phone number.
  17. Sounded like she equates money with happiness and assumes Chris makes more money than her.
  18. HipGuide

    Guests I'd Love To Hear of HDTGM

    I assume they don't see each other as much anymore? They aren't co-workers anymore. They do seem to be real friends, though.
  19. HipGuide

    Guests I'd Love To Hear of HDTGM

    I have definitely wondered if Paul and Zouks' relationship changed after The League ended.
  20. HipGuide

    Episode 416 - Silicone Bralley Poo Crew

    Turd sounded like Middleditch doing a Philly Boy Roy impression.
  21. Ugh, Cameron is one of the hackiest comics around. Her routines are hot shehorned message comedy garbage that appeals to Buzzfeed demographics.Every time she tries to convey a message through one of her far fetched monologues on a VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE it induces pure cringe because, unlike an Aziz Anssari, she fucking bombs at nuance or doing justice to any of her issues. Her delivery is clumsy too/. Stop trying to make her a thing, Paul.
  22. HipGuide

    Episode 415 - The Longest Pig Pile

    Most meta CBB ever?
  23. HipGuide

    Live show 21+ vs all ages