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    Episode 3.3 — Concept & Content: Day 3

    For whatever it's worth, I appreciated the judge's criticism on sound quality (this is Chris from Television Zombies). We went out and upgraded our equipment. Will we be able to learn how to use it and improve fast enough? I don't know. But I found it helpful. It's interesting being in this competition with the weekly challenges. I feel more like I'm competing against myself and my own abilities than against other people. I sincerely enjoy many of the other contestant's shows and I am not hoping for anyone to fail. I think the guys on The Fort are very funny and I love the concepts of F Plus and Complete Guide to Everything. I'm very envious of the production quality on shows like Ham Radio and Left Handed Radio. The nature of the show is such that ultimately only 1 out of the 10 contestants will win so you can't get too precious with your own work.
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    How about the winner of the week gets the reward of knowing right away? Breathing a sigh of relief should not be discounted.
  3. Chris Piers

    Episode 2.2 — Theme and Intro: Day 2

    If you happen to listen to Television Zombies these days, we took that criticism to heart right away and cut our intro down to just under 30 seconds.