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  1. On this week's show, Matt and Frank talked about how the coaching sessions tend to repeat info because other contestants haven't heard it yet. What about getting all of the contestants, or at least groups of them, on the line all at once but muting whoever is not being interviewed. There isn't really any big secret to what another show might try, is there? Plus, they wouldn't have to wait by the phone/computer wondering when they'd be called.

  2. As a (former) contestant, I understand the thinking behind wanting to bring the judges up to speed on each podcast before the submissions. I'm not sure if it would make a difference, ultimately. The overall submission probably rises and falls even with little to no context.

    I *do* think that that's what the intro that we put together before each challenge is for, but 15 seconds is possibly too short. I think if we had 30 seconds to explain our show, it might make a small difference. Food for thought for the hopefully inevitable Earwolf Challenge 2.0.