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  1. Catseye

    Episode 25 — Catwoman

    Love Halle's speech at the Razzie Awards! Good thing she's got a sense of humor about herself, ya know?
  2. That was wild! Mr. O'Halloran has lived an "interesting" life and I'd like to read his book. I would have liked a few more anecdotes about the Superman movies, but still, great podcast.
  3. Catseye

    Episode 24 — Superman III LIVE!

    I could have SWORN I watched Superman III on TV around 15 years ago (first time) and I just don't remember it being this freaking BAD! I'll have to catch it the next time it's shown, if ever. This episode makes me want to see the original again. Christopher Reeve WAS Superman. Andrew, thanks for the info on Pamela Stephenson. Sounds like she's a very accomplished woman. I'll look her up on YT.
  4. I caught the first 20 or so minutes of this ridiculous movie last year while channel surfing. Kinda wish now I'd watched the entire movie so I could better appreciate the commentary! Sounds like all the Leprechaun films are impossible to watch without tokin' up.
  5. Catseye

    Episode 20 — Punisher: War Zone

    Your best, most exciting episode yet! Lexi Alexander sounds like she's really cool. I hope she has a long and prolific career making movies. Please, please have more directors/writers/actors on future podcasts.
  6. Catseye

    Episode 14.5 — Minisode Fifteen

    "Oh, sorry, I can't see The Back-up Plan with you, I have to go to a funeral. Who's funeral? I don't know yet, let me look in the obits, I'm sure SOMEBODY'S getting buried today."
  7. Catseye

    Episode 14 — Green Lantern

    I can usually tell from a commercial if a movie is worth seeing. The commercials for Green Lantern really turned me off, so thanks for confirming my suspicions.