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    Episode 7.2 — Original Content: Day 2

    I really hope Totally Laime isn't elilminated. I think they are really funny and geniune. Plus I think Elizabeth and Andy play great off eachother I could not follow F Plus at all! I think the fact that they have they have to post the actual site they are reading from so that the audience can read the forum itself (see Sam's comment) just adds to that point. You shouldn't have to do homework in order to follow a podcast. Left-Handed Radio was good today but I believe that a sketch comedy podcast is going to be really hard to maintain. I like how both Totally Laime and Little Dum Dum have guests (who they actually speak too). It keeps you wanting to come back.
  2. cancerandcandy

    Episode 5.2 — Using the Guest: Day 2

    I am surprised people are being so hard on Totally Laime. I thought the sound effects were funny and Elizabeth even commented that maybe she was using to many but she was sound effect happy. That being said I really like the story about sleeping nude and the guest talking about divorce. Plus I could follow the story! There was a lot of talk about why listen to just talk pod casts with talk and not having a hook. One thing about Totally Laime is that as they said in their intro they are a podcast that ask the most important people the least important questions. That is a hook and really separates them from other podcasts as you never know where they are going. I thought the following F+ - I didn’t like it all. It was not believable and I thought it was gross for just being the sake of gross Bob and Dan- It was the same gang that Totally Laime did two weeks ago but not as funny. LHR-Thought the sketch was kinda of boring. Maybe because I am not a regular listener Dum Dum- Thought it was funny. I agree that they don’t have a hook though. TV Zombies - Couldn’t' follow at all!! It seems like they really have a limited audience! I really agreed with the judges in that I recognized like two words. Looney Toons and Kristin Wig. Also as mentioned they have been getting the same note about sound quality. The fact that they aren’t doing anything about it makes it seem like they really don’t care. This is a huge opportunity and I feel like it’s an insult to Earwolf challenge that they haven’t done anything. Like they don’t even care. I think anyone can get $140. The Fort- Lame!!! So obvious
  3. cancerandcandy

    Episode 4.2 — Recurring Segments: Day 2

    As usual I am loving this challenge. I had two favorites. 1) Totally Laime. They keep hitting it out of the park for me. I feel like when listening to the show their is ease about elizabeth and Andy. I also feel that there is a lot of laughter but it isn't about inside jokes or things that I would need to know from previous epsidoes. It was really easy to follow along with the game and I thought it as a good ice breaker. 2) I also thought the Little Dum Dum club was pretty funny. As I think Matt said I don't know how sustainable the segment is but I was lol when he was doing his impression of how they would call out that girl. Boys are so mean (and funny).
  4. cancerandcandy

    Episode 3.3 — Concept & Content: Day 3

    I have to say I am really enjoying this contest. I am being exposed to a lot of things I have never heard of for example killer apes biting dicks. I really agreed with the judges yesterday about the lack of females in the podcasting world. I love the Totally Laime podcast not just because Elizabeth is a female but she is funny! As they said on Day 2 she is laid back and I feel like I am listening to someone's funny conversation (like when you are at the bar and you are listening to the people next to you) rather then someone screaming at me like some of the other podcasts. Also, I always know what she is talking about where with the other podcast I was a bit confused at times. KEEP IT STRONG TOTALLY LAIME! Oh and I agree Ham Raido has got to go
  5. cancerandcandy

    Episode 1.2 — Meet the Podcasts: Day 2

    I have to say all of these podcasts were fun but the one that grabbed my attention the most was Totally Laime. Anyone can interview but Andy and Elizabeth seem to really bring out the personality of the characters. Plus I agree with Julia Hays I liked that they did actual clips from their Podcasts. I also love that it is a female taking the lead role with a male side kick. Something you don't see a lot of in the PodCast world.