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  1. As was discussed in the Ep 364 forum, the Closing Up The Plugs Bag theme of late has sounded rather muddy, for lack of a better term. After multiple edits adding the various chunks that have been added since Ep 301, the quality has gone downhill a bit.


    You can hear the loss of quality in this version as it appeared in the latest episode, 366.


    I hope this won't be taken as a slight to the fine work Cody Cody, Cody Brett and all the engineers at Earwolf put into each and every episode, but I took the liberty of re-cutting the theme to improve the quality of it.


    This version was made using the theme's Bro remix and Tiny's first add-on in 301, along with the first instances of all the subsequent add-ons. (In case you're curious, the add-ons came from Eps 301, 320, 323, 326, 343, 348, 355 and 357.)


    This is the re-cut, cleaner version using the original add-on clips.


    I put this together in Audacity and still have the original multi-track file saved, so if one add-on needs more punch or to be dialed back a bit, I can do it. Just let me know your opinions.


    My hope, again, is that this won't be taken as a slight or come off as me trying to do y'all's jobs. I just love the show, love the CUTPB theme and would be honored to contribute this effort to improve it if you see fit to use it moving forward.



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    You make a recording of a recording enough times, it gets pretty muddy. I've noticed it myself.

    If we were talking analog cassette tapes, I'd be right there with you. But it should be a simple matter of taking the original plug bags theme and tacking on the additional snippet each time. As long as there's no downsampling done at the time you save/export the new file, there shouldn't be a hit to the quality.

  3. "…and one, uh, of a lady just getting fucked in half with something that looks like a vacuum hose…"


    PFT starts to crack


    "…and he says, 'That'll do, pig'…"


    PFT erupts in background laughter


    I have surely listened to that part at least a dozen times by now.




    This episode is a lock for the end of the year honors and will challenge the Time Bobby throne.

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  4. As a Denizen Of The 'Nation and a loyal Sklone, we HAVE to find a way to incorporate the phone call from "Connor" (It's not KAHN-ner, it's CONE-er) from last Friday's appearance in the Jungle. Perhaps a mashup with HENDERSON? "It's not Hender-SUN, it's Hender-SONE"?

    Just a thought.


    P.S. As a challenge to you all, please try to work the phrase "lady basket" into your everyday conversation sometime this week.