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    G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009)

    I hope its not too bad netiquette to bump my own post, but it has been a few years and I still think that GI Joe: Rise of Cobra would be great fodder for HDTGM. To the above problems with the movie, I would also like to add that at one point the Joes must cross a pressure sensitive floor - anything larger than a quarter will set it off. One of them then walks across it in a hand stand (on his fingers), as if being upside down makes him weightless (reducing the area in contact with the floor actually increases pressure)
  2. Andrew1326657706

    2012 (2009)

    This would be great for HDTGM to do. I think one of the worst parts is the spoiled family and other billions we are meant to sympathize with at the end after they have treated everyone around them like dirt and left everyone to die. The lesson of this movie: Treat everyone like crap, but make sure you have a reserved aisle seat on the life boat when it hits the fan. A similar movie - The Day After Tomorrow
  3. Andrew1326657706

    Beverly Hills Cop III (1994)

    What does it look like when Bevery Hill Cop stops trying at comedy to take a shot a being a gritty action film, but succeeds at neither: Beverly Hills Cop III. Beverly Hills Cop III takes place in a massive amusement park you did know was hidden right in the middle of Beverly Hills. The filming location is mostly an Great America in Santa Clara, but what bit shot on the Universal Studios tour ride will be sure to take you out of the moment. Some things not to look forward to in this razzy-nominated film: - A much darker Axel Foley - Eddie Murphy struck me as much more vulgar and violent in this film - No John Taggart - John Ashton is not in this film, he is replaced by Hector Elizondo who "heard about Axel Foley" and is instantly trusting of him - a departure from initial impressions in the first film - Characters aren't villains, they're just incompetent - When Elizondo's character is supposed to arrange a meeting for Axel Foley at the theme park, but fails to follow through violence including a chase with guns follows. It could have been written as no double cross, but it wasn't, Elizondo's character just seems to have forgot and it is never addressed - Lots of just weirdness - remember Serge the flamboyant gallery employee from the first movie, well he's back in number three and now he's an arms dealer There's more awfulness to be seen. You can catch it on Netflix now and I think Amazon Prime Instant Video.
  4. Can you please do GI JOE Rise of Cobra? There is a scene in which ice sinks, enough said.