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  1. All of the podcast contestants sound interesting so far - it looks to be a great group of people for the challenge, and I'm likely going to start listening to most of their podcasts. I'd be hard-pressed to predict a winner based on the intro interviews alone, but having listened to about 150 episodes or so of Television Zombies, I know that they are going to be fierce competitors in this. How TVZ manages to stay fresh week after week is beyond me, but they do. Not only are they consistently funny, but they know their field like nobody's business. In the last half-year or so their podcast has really exploded: the hosts' chemistry is great, and Chris' interviews are really fantastic. You can tell by the questions he asks that he does a LOT of research about the interviewees prior to speaking with them. That, or he's just preternaturally lucky at asking random questions that turn out to be pertinent. He doesn't carry the show all on his own, though -- it's truly a team effort and Jeff and Chuck are also equally great. I'm pulling for them to win this thing.