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  1. This is how perverts talk.
  2. allenpwilliams

    PC stands for PC Culture

    PC stands for PC Culture
  3. In the future, everyone will have 15 minutes of extra podcast with a Patreon subscription
  4. Toilets should have holes all over them to prevent overflowing
  5. allenpwilliams

    PC stands for PC Culture

    PC stands for PC Culture
  6. Target? More like Tar Paycheck!
  7. The female version of Matt is Mattress
  8. I keep getting K.K. Slider and G.G. Allin mixed up!
  9. allenpwilliams

    Less scum, more bags!

    Less scum, more bags!
  10. This has nothing to do with the lemur
  11. Who’s gonna firefight the firefighters?
  12. Bros before hoes, except after c
  13. Riverdale, Lakebill, Creekhank, Oceanboomhauer, Puddlebobby
  14. Actually, Frankenstein's Monster is the name of Frankenstein's dick
  15. It's Macaroni & Cheese, not Macaroni & Steve
  16. Back in my day, PC stood for MUSIC Television and they actually played videos!
  17. Call me old fashioned but I think Christmas should be between a man and a woman.
  18. Grubhub is just Pornhub for food.
  19. A warehouse is a person that becomes a house during a full moon.
  20. We just have time for one more feature on the show and that is a little something called plugs!
  21. a woman is just a man that was bit by a radioactive wo
  22. allenpwilliams

    Moby it's Mobelline

    Moby it's Mobelline
  23. Shrek's rival is Shrekluigi
  24. 2 in the pink, 182 in the blink