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    Episode 41 — The Chris Gethard Show

    Great episode. Chris Gethard is hilarious and his show is really great. On another note, I don't see the problem with bringing in a big time show that could act as a tent pole to support the network, even if it doesn't fit the original plan you've set. It's not a radio station where anyone would be forced to listen to it. This is likely a much worse scenario than the one you were actually presented with, but for example: If you started running a show that would bring in some big advertising dollars called Donald Trump's Jackass Business Hour why would anyone care? Sure, Donald Trump is the worst, but I wouldn't have to listen to it and the money could act to support the network. Unless it would force you to actually change shows you are already running, I really don't see how it's a problem. It's not like you'd be supporting Donald Trump so much as he would be supporting you. If AMC started running Donald Trump's Jackass Business Hour on Wednesdays I'd still watch Breaking Bad and Mad Men.
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    here's something

    Lost in the shuffle. Trying to bump it up a bit.
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    here's something

    Please enjoy. http://soundcloud.com/lillvis/josh-lillvis-good-look-cbb/s-6iWEn