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  1. I really liked that woman in Confrontation Corner until she threw out "I'm not a feminist" as though that's an acceptable thing to say. You're right lady, men and women are different, so therefore we should treat women worse. Wouldn't want to come out against unequal treatment or anything
  2. Foxtrot1

    Which Movies Does HDTGM Absolutely Need To Review?

    Southland Tales. I want a double-length episode featuring some of the stars of the film, I bet Richard Kelly would even do a director's edition if they asked him nicely. I have seen some bonkers films, but nothing literally that crazy and upsetting.
  3. Honestly the whole thing is really good: http://noisey.vice.com/en_uk/blog/after-all-these-years-coolio-still-lets-his-nuts-hang When I asked people what I should ask Coolio, the most common question I got, the thing most people seem to want to know: Do you still have beef with Weird Al? Fuck no, man, I let that go so long ago. Let me say this: I apologized to Weird Al a long time ago and I was wrong. Y'all remember that, everybody out there who reads this shit. Real men and real people should be able to admit when they're wrong and I was wrong, bro. Come on, who the fuck am I, bro? He did parodies of Michael Jackson, he did parodies of all kinds of people and I took offense to it because I was being cocky and shit and being stupid and I was wrong and I should’ve embraced that shit and went with it. I listened to it a couple years after that and it's actually funny as shit. It’s one of those things where I made a wrong call and nobody stopped me. That’s one thing I’m still upset about—my management at the time. Somebody should’ve stopped me from making that statement because it was dumb. And I think it hurt me a little bit. It made me seem stupid.
  4. I'm resurrecting this thread because I was just reading an interview with Coolio (yeah, really) and he talked about how he ended up in the film: You made my favorite cameo in a movie of all time. It’s the shortest cameo I’ve ever seen. You were in Leprechaun in the Hood. Do you even remember making an appearance in that? Hey, when we did that cameo, we wasn’t no where near—somebody came with a camera and said, “Hey, man, I wanna put y’all in this movie.” As a matter of fact, the guy that was in the cameo with me, remember him? Yeah, you two were standing in the back of a church. He’s doing 50 years in prison right now. No shit, for what? He killed somebody in his backyard. Some dude that had just got out of jail came to his house and… he tried to extort him and he shot that motherfucker. How long after the filming was that? That probably was about five or six years later. Anyway, to make a long story short, we wasn’t even in a church. We were in my fucking kitchen or some shit. No, it was in my garage at my house. And the dude came and filmed it and they did their little Hollywood movie magic, super imposed-type shit and put us in there. We wasn’t even in a church.
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    Episode 9 — Hollywood Bowl

    I really liked it because it was actually real, hearing Harris talk about his addiction was really interesting. They do enough bits and have done hours of silly comedy, hearing them actually speak like friends was great. Scott was obviously concerned and Harris' usual blunt approach to hitting rock bottom was actually pretty hilarious.
  6. Foxtrot1

    Episode 165 — He's A Lesbian

    Holy shit! TO!
  7. Foxtrot1

    Southland Tales (2006)

    Also this is the best: Teen horniness is not a crime
  8. Foxtrot1

    Southland Tales (2006)

    I really liked it, but I was definitely not sober at the time. It's fun if you just forget about trying to follow the story and say "Hey, I wonder what miscast tv actor will show up next!" There are some amazing visuals and some undeniably cool scenes - Seann William Scott in the mirror proves somewhere inside Richard Kelly's bizarre mind he still knows how to film a great scene - but the story is absolutely ludicrous. Watch it with some friends and make fun of it, it's definitely a blast. And come on, the last 15 minutes of this film are, to quote Jason, as "next-level bonkers" as anything ever put to film. The floating ice cream truck, the blimp - it's awesomely terrible. Kevin Smith has a tendency to monopolize the conversation but I would love to hear an extra-long episode devoted to breaking this film down.
  9. I liked this a lot more than I thought I would - Kevin really does his research. Wish the quality on some of the shows was better, though - will they be recording in the Earwolf studio? Also, now I want to know who the guest who hated CBB was. Can't think of anyone off the top of my head beyond Ben Stiller, who just didn't seem to really get it.
  10. Foxtrot1

    Episode 82 — Missed Connections

    I love TJ, and I love how bad his Earwolf headshot is.
  11. Foxtrot1

    Southland Tales (2006)

    I love this movie more than anything else and I'm glad people are still talking about it. I was watching it with a few friends and I paused it after ten minutes (the first JT scene) and asked, "Does anybody know what's going on?" And nobody did. You just have to embrace the insanity. This movie is definitely watchable too, just because it keeps getting weirder
  12. Foxtrot1

    Episode 164 — Clifton Was Here

    Do people not know of Tony Clifton? He's a real guy. But also a character played by Andy Kaufman. But Andy Kaufman's dead. An amazing episode, Schwartz was the perfect guest with Tony.
  13. Foxtrot1

    Howard Kremer - Have a Summah album

    I love it, and Howard's paypal address made me crack the hell up.
  14. That's why I love episode 10 so much, because Besser gets totally sidetracked talking about the Jets and still makes the scene work.
  15. Foxtrot1

    Earwolf weekly newsletter

    Awesome, and thanks for all your hard work Caroline
  16. Foxtrot1

    Earwolf weekly newsletter

    Hey, is the weekly email still going out? I haven't got it for a few months, I enjoyed my weekly update from Caroline. Also, while I'm asking questions, which episode had the prophecy of Goatron?
  17. Andy Daly killed it this week, I love this show so much.
  18. Foxtrot1

    All I want for Xmas...

    Scott teased season 2 a few months ago, surely silly puns can't be that hard to work out
  19. Foxtrot1

    Does it really have to be 40/kbps?

    Can everybody stop with the parenthetical irony? It doesn't work on the internet. But yeah, CBB has always been pretty good in terms of audio quality (except for the live episodes) - you really can't hear the difference between it and any other podcast that's mostly voice. I'm an audio snob too, but 40 kbps is the best we can get right now.
  20. Foxtrot1

    Southland Tales (2006)

    Also here is Mark Kermode's amazing review of the film:
  21. Foxtrot1

    Southland Tales (2006)

    I just want to bump this because this movie is so awesome. Someone cut together a 10-minute version for Youtube, people love the shit out of this movie: - - Check out 4:10 to 4:50 and tell me that's not completely bizarre. Those scenes are in the same movie! It makes no sense, gloriously no sense
  22. Foxtrot1

    Southland Tales (2006)

    Can you still get the comics on like eBay or something? I would buy them just for the novelty factor
  23. Foxtrot1

    Southland Tales (2006)

    Can you still get the comics on like eBay or something? I would buy them just for the novelty factor
  24. Foxtrot1

    Southland Tales (2006)

    I made a bigass carepost about this a few weeks ago, I even emailed them about it. Southland Tales is literally the craziest shit I've ever seen, I love it. - Bonus Timberlake:
  25. Foxtrot1

    Southland Tales (2006)

    I made a bigass carepost about this a few weeks ago, I even emailed them about it. Southland Tales is literally the craziest shit I've ever seen, I love it. - Bonus Timberlake: