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  1. In Bocca al Lupo is possibly my favorite album of all time. So happy to hear MBD on one of my favorite podcasts.
  2. Jeff MacDonald

    Season 2?

    So... is it happening?
  3. Jeff MacDonald

    Episode 166 β€” Runnin’ Down Dreams

    I have to mention Dalton Wilcox is most definitely suicidal. He actually kills himself in episode 148 of CBB, although I'm not sure if it is canon.
  4. Jeff MacDonald

    Episode BO2013.1 β€” Best of 2013 Pt 1

  5. Jeff MacDonald

    Episode 159 β€” Mouth Contacts

    Howard, you should probably stop eating your contacts. Bacteria in your mouth doesn't belong in your eyes. See the last bullet point in the link below. http://www.webmd.com/fda/focusing-on-contact-lens-safety?page=2
  6. Jeff MacDonald

    Episode 260 β€” Tiny Cheeseburger Story

    More Brendon Small characters please. And while I'm at it, I'd like to request Jon Benjiman on with Brendon as well. Thanks Earwolf.
  7. Jeff MacDonald

    Episode 251 β€” The Bed Spoiler

    The return of My Wife! Answer: One, two princes kneel before you...
  8. Jeff MacDonald

    Episode 141.5 β€” 08/16/13 TWO CHARTED 80

    If we are voting for co-host fill ins can we get a steven brody stevens appearance? Preferably doing a Ku impression.
  9. Jeff MacDonald

    Episode 116 β€” Ecology

    I just have to bring up that mice definitely have two separate holes for going to the bathroom. I know none of us come here for correct facts, but I just had to bring it up since the Ecologist on staff didn't say otherwise and I didn't want anyone spreading fake facts due to that. This episode was great by the way.
  10. So damn excited for this episode. Thank you thank you thank you, Jeff, for getting the greatest guests for this podcast. Stellar job.
  11. I stare at peoples mouths when they talk to me as well. I had no idea it was a weird thing.
  12. Jeff MacDonald

    Episode 129 β€” Professional Liar

    I am a dude that loves getting Baz all over my eyeballs.
  13. Jeff MacDonald

    Episode 128.5 β€” 5/17/13 TWO CHARTED 67

    Pretty sure there is no gorgeous and cultured area in Tampa. If there is I really would like to know where it is as I'm tired of looking at stripmalls and cement.
  14. Jeff MacDonald

    Episode 127.5 β€” 5/10/13 TWO CHARTED 66

    Do we have dates for the Summah tour? I'm gonna be in Santa Cruz for a little bit in August and I hope I can catch that date.
  15. Jeff MacDonald

    Episode 136 β€” Black Metal

    I gotta pipe in here as Andrew and Guest (and Frank) all said they don't really know what Black Metal is. It is a genre of metal that is mostly defined by the musical style (shrieking vocals, blast beats, progressive song structures, often with synth) as well as its lyrical themes (evil, demonic, mythical, etc.) but is definitely not defined by the few neo-nazi bands in the black metal scene. To say that black metal is racist is exactly the same as saying punk rock is racist. The large majority of it is not racist (although it is generally played by people with near to albino complexion). Now black metal is definitely not friendly music and I would say is extremely anti-christian so there are definitely some prejiduces related to the music, but racism is not one of them.
  16. Jeff MacDonald

    Episode 210 β€” A Spiritual Journey

    There was most definitely a warning before the floor was closed. I feel cheated.
  17. Jeff MacDonald

    Episode 120 β€” Live from SXSW 2013

    Shiiiiit I love Matt and Kim. They put on the best show I've seen in years. Seriously, if they are playing in your town, everyone go see them.
  18. Jeff MacDonald

    Episode 208 β€” Zombie Candles

    I'd like to second fishmandog. I brake for plane breaks.
  19. Jeff MacDonald

    Episode 203 β€” The Vicar of Yanks

    "What color are the pants?" "Mustard yellow" And all this time mustard and pants have been the EXACT SAME THING. I feel cheated in some way. p.s. please bring back jukebox jury.
  20. Jeff MacDonald

    Episode 11 β€” The Battle Continues

    For those of you that thought D&D has only been around since 1974 check this out: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-57547697-1/ancient-d20-die-emerges-from-the-ashes-of-time/ I'm going to take this as proof that Gary Gygax was a time traveler.
  21. After listening to this I have an even greater respect for the UCB and the people running it than I did before. I've always loved anything with the name upright citizens brigade since the day I saw the premier episode "bucket of truth" on comedy central. Not only have these guys created the single greatest institution for comedy in the US (maybe the world?) but they are also responsible for what is in my humble opinion the funniest and most clever comedy show ever aired on television. I have loved the UCB from afar for a long time, and my love only grows and grows. I hope to some day live close enough to one of the theaters to lay down my 5 or 10 dollars every week for an institution that is the shining light in the shadow of a greedy entertainment industry.
  22. Jeff MacDonald

    Episode 15 β€” Music Fun!

    So far every guest you have had on the show in replace of Dave has been great. Is it possible that one of these individuals could be Dave's understudy for the weeks he can't do it? It would be great to have a different weekly guest, but I understand completely that causes a major headache that you can't deal with. Just having someone be the replacement Dave would be a fine fix to me, but maybe finding someone to do that would be difficult. You could even get Scott to come in and pretend Rocky is his child and I'd be happy. I don't want this show to end, so no matter what it becomes I am behind it.
  23. Jeff MacDonald

    Episode 102 β€” Silly Dance Party

    Weird to hear Todd shout out to Fake Problems. They have opened for a lot of bands I've seen in Tampa and had no idea they were a band people knew of elsewhere.
  24. Jeff MacDonald

    Episode 19 β€” Asian Voices

    Does this mean we get a daily episode as well as a longer weekly episode?
  25. Jeff MacDonald

    Episode 53 β€” Live from RIOT LA

    The glory hole sketch is one of my favorite of all time. Also loved that master blaster was used as a verb. There was just so much good in this 80 minutes.