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    Episode 7.2 — Original Content: Day 2

    Its getting harder to pick my favorites as the pack gets smaller. I'd have to see tops for me this week were the Little Dum Dum Club. LHR had some good stuff as well. I think Totally Laime's gotta officially step down as the frontrunner, with two mediocre entries the past two weeks. As much as I enjoy them, I was disappointed by Bob and Dan this week, and I get the feeling they'll be on the bottom again, probably with F+. Got the feeling F+ will be going home, I enjoy what they do but the medium of podcasting doesn't mesh that well with their structure, as its very easy to get lost. Since they are such a large group its sometimes hard to know who is saying what.
  2. halffiction

    Episode 6.2 — Sketches: Day 2

    Tops for me this week were probably Bob & Dan, Left Handed Radio, and F+. Although to be honest I think the judges enjoyed LHR much more than I did. I've been enjoying the Little Dum Dum Club a lot so far, and I loved the idea of a podcast agent, but it didn't quite work for me. I doubt Totally Laime will be going home, so I think my money is on The Fort being eliminated tomorrow (sorry guys!)
  3. halffiction

    Episode 5.2 — Using the Guest: Day 2

    Here I am actually getting emotionally invested in this show! The only clip I really laughed hard at was Bob and Dan's, although I seem to be in the minority there. I do agree that their device wasn't the most original, but it didn't matter because it was still funny to me. I will be really bummed if they get eliminated tomorrow. Overall I was a little disappointed in the entries. Totally Laime surprised me with their choice of clip, the sound effects weren't a dealbreaker or anything, I just wasn't that amused by the actual conversation. I believe they have better stuff. Surprised to hear the judges were confident in which podcasts would end up in the bottom. Honestly none of the entries seemed to blow them away, so I wonder who will actually end up in the bottom three. I'm guessing it might be the F+, Bob and Dan, and TV Zombies, but who knows!
  4. halffiction

    Episode 5.1 — Using the Guest: Day 1

    I wondered why Matt didn't bring up his reservations about Bob and Dan's approach until AFTER they hung up. I don't know if the coaching sessions are actually longer and edited down, but I would've loved to hear more coaching out of this ep. The podcasts who don't normally feature guests have much more of a challenge here, and it was too bad that their sessions mostly amounted to "we'll just see how it goes". I don't want Matt to hold back!
  5. halffiction

    Episode 4.3 — Recurring Segments: Day 3

    This has been a great challenge week! I was really sad to see Brett go. I do think the movie parody idea could use more of an angle to be a recurring segment, but don't necessarily agree that it should be based on topical movies specifically. All in all, Brett was up against some very tough competition. Can't wait to hear more from everyone. I definitely see the value in having a more "set" group of judges so they are more informed about the contestants, but that doesn't seem to be realistic. I do think it is extremely valuable that Matt is both hosting AND judging each week. Matt is the only one who gets to see the progress from the contestants week to week - I hope as it goes along more of that will be brought up. I think it is still possible to have more cohesion week to week without changing up the hosting format. I also enjoyed the reality competition/game show discussion that happened at the end of today's show. Is it just semantics, or is there more of a tangible difference between the two?
  6. halffiction

    Episode 4.2 — Recurring Segments: Day 2

    Another great episode guys! I always look forward to hearing the content from all of the podcasts. I think my favorites this week are The Little Dum Dum Club, The Bob and Dancast, and Totally Laime. Definitely agree with Bucho about the week's challenge being clearly more defined for both the hosts/judges and the contestants. I guess that's one of the wrinkles that comes along with blazing the trail of competition podcasts.
  7. halffiction

    Episode 3.3 — Concept & Content: Day 3

    I have to say I was a little put off by Matt going on about Brett's sketch commenting on hack comedy. Maybe the sketch had just hit a nerve for Matt, but I disagreed that Brett shouldn't be making fun of other comedy/comedians. His material seemed way more light-hearted than Matt was criticizing him for, and it seemed ultra harsh to me. I know I am not a professional comedian, but I didn't necessarily have a problem with the topic. I think the real problem with the sketch was more with the presentation/execution and having the audience be on board for a game show, and then starting out with 30 seconds of stand-up. I was also surprised that they decided to let TCGE go after all that. Overall though, there was a lot of great constructive criticism from PFT and Jesse too, so I guess it all balanced out.
  8. halffiction

    Episode 41 — Knee Crunching

    Knee Cereal sounds delicious. Just a heads up, the intro plays as the outtro on this ep in itunes.
  9. halffiction

    Episode 3.1 — Concept & Content: Day 1

    Tomorrow will be a super exciting ep, but I have to say that I learned a lot more about the shows this week that I didn't remember/know from the original introductions. I feel like I have a much better understanding of all the podcasts and their concepts now.
  10. halffiction

    Episode 2.3 — Theme and Intro: Day 3

    Sad to see Beginnings go, I hope they are able to take the judges comments into consideration. It's so early its hard for me to say, but it seemed like the right decision to let them go, if Beginnings is still feeling out what it wants to be.
  11. halffiction

    IPhone App 2.0

    Just downloaded the new IPhone app. It looks super spiffy! Unfortunately, I can't get it to work. I hit play on Affirmation Nation, it played for half a second, then booted me out of the app. I've tried playing other podcasts and I keep getting booted out. Any suggestions? I miss listening to Earwolf in the car! Thanks!
  12. halffiction

    Episode 2.2 — Theme and Intro: Day 2

    I agree the Totally Laime intro was one of the best, but I have a feeling I'd end up fast forwarding through it after an episode or two. There were definitely a bunch of solid intros, but most need to cut down at least 30 seconds. I can't imagine who'll get the boot tomorrow. Any ideas?