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  1. if we win, i will buy a tim tam for everyone on this forum.
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    rip my ears off

    This is awesome.
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    Great Starter Episodes

    Hey mates, thanks to those of you who have hunted out episodes of our show. If I may, I thought I would recommend what I think are our better shows, featuring guests who aren't from America. I know I found it daunting trying to pick episodes of American shows that would be good, before I learnt about different American comedians and such. Anyway - if you want the full Aussie Little Dum Dum experience, I would suggest the following: 43 - Declan Fay, 41 - Adam Richard, 33 - Anyone For Tennis, 16 - Greg Fleet, 3 - Lawrence Mooney. Enjoy!
  4. Hey mates. Thanks to everyone who's said they like us. Why are we here? The time difference is confusing.