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  1. goodyc2c

    Episode 1 — Cat Ranch Chaos

    Loshopo! Fo' sho'
  2. goodyc2c

    Episode 81 — Cheetos & Horseradish

    Howard sounds kind of like Honus Honus from Man Man on the Summah album... or Paul McCartney from that Monkberry Moon Delight song... good epi!
  3. goodyc2c

    Episode 62 — Indie Cred

    Those podcast 'winks' get me everytime... sorry if my post sounded shitty. Just shouldn't have started my day with a cup of coffee and a pod of snark. Enough board trolling/lurking for me, take it easy!
  4. goodyc2c

    Episode 62 — Indie Cred

    Just saw Thurston in DC on Monday it was pretty amazing. They were able to make 2 acoustics sound like Sonic Youth feedback. http://t.co/meWlaYqn
  5. goodyc2c

    Episode 62 — Indie Cred

    I've heard the Lizzie Grant album that was pulled from the internet for it terribleness. If you look for it on the torrent sites it's there. It's god awful you will not enjoy it no matter how many drugs you take, it's like poorly produced club music from 'Jersey Shore.' Have to say I thought that 'Poor and Ugly' comment really set an 'ugly' tone to the beginning of this show. First time I've ever felt negatively about this show at all, maybe it's because he's not a comedian, can't think of the guest name as I'm typing this, but it came of as hurtful not funny or playful like the show normally is... elitist even. Anyways always solid otherwise.
  6. goodyc2c

    Episode 35 — Let\'s Get Outta Here

    Here's a good old song for you guys about 'Summah' ... Northern State feat. Har Mar Superstar - Summer Never Ends. if you don't have spotify then get it somewhere else it's good and summahy and who(m) doesn't love the Har Mar and hot lady rappers?
  7. goodyc2c

    Episode 33 — Dresser Shopping with Marc

    This is just a guess but I'm thinking "Mater" or however it's spelled for the Cars 2 movie is a nickname like "Tater." Like short for 'tomater' or 'potater' being from a rednecky part of Virginia originally. I heard lots of people refered to as 'tater' or of course 'bubbah.' Anyways just spreading my southern knowledge for y'all. Love ya, keep summahing. -Goody