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  1. masterofsparks

    Homework: A Face in the Crowd (1957)

    No question.
  2. masterofsparks

    Homework: A Face in the Crowd (1957)

    It is interesting, but I'm not sure the comparison is apt since, unlike Rhodes, Trump makes no attempt to hide his contempt for anyone. A few years ago, I can remember thinking Sarah Palin was a good modern-day analogue, though she's (thankfully) no longer a force in American politics.
  3. masterofsparks

    Elmer Gantry vs A Face in the Crowd

    A Face In the Crowd vs. Ace In the Hole would be an excellent match. I was thinking A Face In the Crowd vs. Network because I'd like to hear a discussion of the two side-by-side, although I feel like A Face In the Crowd wouldn't have much of a chance.
  4. masterofsparks

    Episode 94: THE KING OF COMEDY

    Easy "Yes" vote for me. I think Rupert Pupkin is Robert DeNiro's greatest performance.
  5. masterofsparks


    I would really like to hear Devin & Amy discuss this wonderful 80s comedy. It's one of the funniest movies ever made about a bunch of sad people. And it's the movie that finally got John Gielgud an Oscar for one of my all-time favorite comic performances.
  6. masterofsparks

    Putney Swope

    Or maybe a vs with The Spook Who Sat By the Door. Both feel terribly transgressive for the time, and they'd both probably have difficulty getting made today. I'm astonished that The Spook Who Sat By the Door was able to be made in 1973.
  7. masterofsparks

    Defending Your Life

    I would honestly love to see any of the first four Albert Brooks movies up for consideration, but Defending Your Life is my favorite and I'd love to hear it discussed and considered.
  8. masterofsparks

    Defending Your Life

    Honestly, any of his first four are at least worthy of consideration. This one is my favorite, though
  9. masterofsparks

    Episode 81: ED WOOD

    Definite "yes" for Ed Wood. I was a bit confounded, though, that all of the discussion of possible other best Burton films throughout the episode managed to completely overlook Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. It's his best movie, IMO.
  10. This was posted in the old forum but I fear it has been lost in the transition. Two of the smallest (in every sense of the word) but most beloved Coen Brothers movies duking it out with each other.
  11. masterofsparks

    Suggestion: Fathers Day Versus episode

    The Dirty Dozen and Kelly's Heroes should also be a part of this discussion.
  12. masterofsparks

    Summah Songs

    "Pumped Up Kicks" is a really good choice, but I think my favorite of the current summer is "Modern Art" by The Black Lips (which actually appeared on an episode at some point): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChuYpoajar0
  13. Staying within the realm of possibility, I reiterate Proops, Gould and Oswalt. As far as longshots, Scharpling would be great, but so would Jon Wurster. And Ted Leo.
  14. masterofsparks

    IPhone App 2.0

    I'm having a problem similar to Candice. The app was working OK, but I tried to do something and it kicked me out and now I can't get back in - it starts up and immediately kicks me out.