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  1. Anyone who's having Gourley withdrawals should check out his appearance on Harmontown for the most genius lawyer improv in the history of both lawyers and improv. Be that as it may, bless him, he definitely sounded like he'd spent at least 87% of his formative years in South Africa. Or, as they pronounce it, "Soath Efrica".
  2. Bucho

    Episode 173 — Doughnut Agree

    There did seem like more negativity than usual this episode, and it was started by How right from the get go. Mike balanced his early negative stuff out with his sweet "defence" of Up and then his geeking out with April over their love of Batman, whereas How was on a downbound train the entire episode. I still liked it though.
  3. Bucho

    Episode 54 — David Plotz of Slate

    Really happy to have you back with this show Jeff, and I'm not even in the biz. I enjoy it purely as a long-time podcast fan. And on the subject of making live ad reads entertaining, my favourites in that genre are Keith and The Girl and Adam Carolla. My Brother, My Brother and Me are fun at it too. But maybe my favourite ad reader of all in the entire World of Podcasting does them via pre/post-records, and that ad reader is none other than one Mr Scott "The Choctaw" Aukerman. I've often wondered, with one hand thoughtfully stroking my chin as I dreamily gaze into the distance, what it'd be like if Scott-a-bot did those reads live, and I'm certain the fans would love the heck out of it, especially since it's well-established how much everyone loves hearing your PFTs and Adomians and Rusts laughing off-mic at Scott's antics and live ad reads would only lead to more of that off-mic delight.
  4. Nobody under the age of 30 legitimately likes U2, they just listen to music made by bands who legitimately like U2.
  5. I dislike Phish and love Analyze Phish so I get why peeps want more of the same from this, but this is clearly a different type of thing. For one, both Scotts yapped a bunch about how boring October is and hinted strongly at future ripping on Rattle and Hum and other later albums. Anyone who listened to episode 1 and heard nothing but U2 love gets a C- in listening.
  6. I haven't bought a U2 record since ACHTUNG! bebee came out in my last year of high school so I'm not about to mount a modern day defence for them but even today, the 28th of February 2014, anyone who fails to recognise the greatness of War at the very least fails as not just a recogniser of bold, fierce, beautiful, raw, adventurous pop/rock greatness, but as a collection of molecules possessed of something resembling a personality.
  7. Bucho

    Episode 266 — The Calvins Twins

    So does Jason Mantzoukas. It's such an easy way to play the game, but leads to some magnificent moments.
  8. Bucho

    Episode 163 — A Squirmy Squirmy

    Happy Birthday Lu. And can Gillian be the guest every week please.
  9. Bucho

    Episode 265 — LIVE from RIOT LA

    So good I already forgot that other guaranteed Best of 2014 episode with Benny and Horatio. SO GOOD!
  10. Bucho

    Jobs that allow you to listen to podcasts

    Most people I know who listen at work are either artists or designers, so their work environment is fairly loose and also visually focused, or they have cubicle drone jobs and they have the brainpower to multitask.
  11. Bucho

    Your favorite non earwolf podcasts?

    If Harmontown continues to feature Mitch Hurwitz as well as my boy Kumail and the other regulars it's going to jump to number one on my FNEP list.
  12. Last night when I signed into my NNF Primo and saw this news I put my shirt over my head like soccer players used to do and ran around my living room as if I'd just scored in the World Cup final, such was the triumph and joy in my heart at this union.
  13. Bucho

    Episode 263 — Hollywild

    Benny's a lot of fun and Horatio really brung it real nice as usual, but hot damn was The Choctaw killing it this episode.
  14. Bucho

    Trying to find a September 11 joke

    Scott's old pal Jimmy Pardo is fond of a 9/11 crack or seventeen, perchance it was he.
  15. Bucho

    Episode 261 — Nubile Agape

    Couldn't help noticing that this episode was one of the best ever.
  16. Bucho

    Episode 199 — Down In And Up!

    I was one of those thoughtless buffoons who rooted against Totally Laime in the Earwolf Challenge but very shortly after they won I realised I had been Totally Wrong. Loved this episode by the way.
  17. Bucho

    Episode 259 — Charlotte's Website

    Holy crap, you got DAG. That's top notch getting right there.
  18. Bucho

    Episode 258 — Yoke Jams

    The first step is admiting you have a problem.
  19. Bucho

    Episode 258 — Yoke Jams

    Maybe it's just me, but for me, sometimes I had trouble telling Jimmy and Bill apart.
  20. Bucho

    Episode 257 — Nuts As A Pile Of Nuts

    Scott: "What were the other heavens again?" Richard Harrow: "Beach heaven" Scott: "That's a great one, I want to go there." Richard Harrow: "Jewish Heaven." Scott: "No thanks." Richard Harrow: "Dog and cat heaven." Scott: "Oh, I would kind of like to go there too ... except I'm allergic to cats." Richard Harrow: "Non dog and cat pet heaven." Scott: "Oh, so any other pets ... we have the cockatoos ..." Richard Harrow: "Turtles ..." Scott: "Iguanas ..." Richard Harrow: "Ferrets ..." Scott: "Those little kind of poisonous lizards that secrete the poison from their elbow ..." Richard Harrow: "Turtles." Scott: "Oh, turtles, yeah." Richard Harrow: "One African grey parrot who managed to die before its owner." Scott: "All fish." Richard Harrow: "Every fish." Scott: "Even the ones in the ocean because those are, sort of, the world's pets." [Long pause as PFT tries really hard not to lose his shit out loud]
  21. Bucho

    Episode 257 — Nuts As A Pile Of Nuts

    Such an odd episode. First poor old Will zonked out on drugs and then Richard Harrow turns up with his even more low energy monotone and I really wasn't feeling it much, to the point I was almost zoning out. But then just when I thought it was safe to stop paying attention he'd nail me. The skeleton ladders section in particular woke me up but good. The Choctaw was A+ throughout though,
  22. Bucho

    Episode 154.5 — 11/15/13 TWO CHARTED 93

    This was one of the greatest episodes of either Whooch or Tooch. Whatever How was on, keep him on it. Keep him hammered.
  23. Bucho

    Most Awkward Podcast episodes

    It really would be interesting to hear how Bert would respond if Doug sicked the TJ and Pete Experience on him. This may seem like a parroting comment which could have been handled with a simple "like", but apparently I'm all outta likes for the day and I just wanted you to know at least one other person on the planet agrees with you.
  24. Bucho

    Episode 154 — Glory Hole Jack-O-Lantern

    Emily was magnificent in this episode. Ron was splendid. How was so How. That picture is magical by the way.
  25. Bucho

    Episode 255 — A Visit From Hee Hee-ll

    Yeah, good call, I loved Chico too. Beef continued in my soul. Heck yes it was. Last two eps have been the best two plugs themes of the year back to back to back to back.