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    Veep is Not Funny?

    Iannucci is a politics nerd who knows American politics pretty damn well - I heard him say in an interview that he's read all three volumes of a Teddy Roosevelt biography and often has to tell the Americans on the show how the houses of American politics work - I think the problem is that Veep doesn't have the depth and richness of characters that The Thick Of It had. JLD's Selina is fantastically watchable at the centre (aka "center") of the whirlwind and Tony Hale is good at her side but none of the others feel grounded enough to let many of their jokes land. The writing leans so far towards joke-writing it leans away from character writing so they feel more like wit-delivery bots than human characters, which makes the jokes feel weightless. It's a shame because with people like Gary Cole, Kevin Dunn and Matt Walsh around it should really kick more ass than it does.
  2. Bucho

    Episode 106 — Military

    As someone who was always firmly for the war but against the troops I don't expect to like this guy very much, but I'll listen anyway. Because it's my duty.
  3. Bucho

    Episode 215 — Time Bobby 2

    This episode is so stupendous it justifies the invention of the internet.
  4. Hot damn, watching The FF is a whole new world. This was literally awesome. Literally.
  5. Bucho

    Episode 220 — 4 PayDays & A Baby

    Wompler + Listler + Choctaw = A+ GUARANTEED That's just good science.
  6. Which is the exact right response to that effin' post.
  7. Your way is better. The problem for fans like me is that we love too much. We have hearts as big as The Universe and we love Parks & Rec more than life itself so when we fall for something as hard as we fell for Farts & Pro 1 it literally changes our lives literally. Then because of our all-encompassing love for Farts & Pro 1 when we see there is a Farts & Pro 2 we're practically incapacitated by the elated anticipation, which means that when said Farts & Pro 2 is not a transcendent experience as the original was and is merely a fine episode of Comedy Bang Bang our hearts are literally filled with torment, rage, hellfire and tumult. Literally. Living with as much passion as we have is no way for a sane person to live but we have no choice. Whatever or whoever made us, made us to feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel. Such is our blessing. Such is our curse.
  8. The first F&P is one of my top 5 CBB/CDRs in the history. The second was such a comedown it was one of my least favourite CBB/CDRs and I still have never finished listening to it. The third started out well, a top 25%er with some real gems thrown in there hinting at greatness, and then when Adam and Harris brought out the characs greatness was once again achieved. This made me so, so happy.
  9. Bucho

    Episode 215 — Time Bobby 2

    Utter magnificence. This episode is so triumphant there should be a parade for it.
  10. Bucho

    Episode 215 — Time Bobby 2

  11. Bucho

    Calling All Podcast Completionists

    I think I have 15 or so of which I listen to every episode and another 10 or 12 of which I select based on guests or recommendations. I work alone a lot as well as listening when I'm doing chores and stuff so I typically have around 8-10 hours on week days and another 4 to 6 hours on weekends. If I work Saturday, which I do about half the time, that's more like 12-14 hours. That reminds me, I've heard every episode of Carolla's podcast, which after 5 shows a week for 4 years must also be over 1000 by now. This thread is obviously unfair (which I'm in favour of, to be clear) as far as "respect points" go though, right Roc? I took off on this journey back at The Dawn of Podcasting, or at least soon enough after it that I could still hear the early birds chirping. To use a luuuuuuudicrously self-glorifying analogy I'm the podcast-listening equivalent of the grizzled combat vet with 8 tours, 23 scars and so much embedded shrapnel I can't go within 16 feet of a magnet by this point. Ha! Man, when I think about it there are probably more like 2100 to 2300 hours in there since episodes of KATG typically range from 55 minutes to 100 minutes, but have gone 120 probably 50 times and even up to 150 minutes on maybe half a dozen occasions. You could even throw in their three marathons (74, 72 and 54 hours) for good measure. If you wanted. It is crazy in some ways when I think about it, but then, generally speaking, I'm not sure there's another pop culture medium in the history of pop culture media that peeps spend more time with than radio and/or podcasting, and the way I've tended to roll I'm in that boat even more than most. And Keith and The Girl is a fascinating case if you're any kind of nerd about the medium of podcasting itself, and especially about profesional podcasting.
  12. Bucho

    Calling All Podcast Completionists

    For now I'll just post podcasts with more than 100 eps. Once I listen to the latest eps of both Whooh and Tooch I will have heard every episode of my #1 favourite podcast Who Charted? which would bring it to 185. The fine British gentlemen of For Those About To Rock have given me 173 episodes of alternately hilarious and headbanging joy. CBB/CDR are in there with 212. Jordan Jesse GO with 270. I'm about 4 eps behind on WTF with 377. I've heard every ep of The Slashfilmcast (aka /filmcast) which is at 222, but they had a good 50+ After Dark shows in there too I think, and those count too right? My highest is Keith and The Girl with 1757 episodes, but since I don't play fair I add the 39 episodes of Chemda's spin-off solo show and the 8 of Keith's and push it up to 1804. They were the first, originalest, pioneeringest professional comedy podcasters I know of and since they're daily I would guess there isn't another podcast around with more episodes, but if there is I'd be curious to hear about it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbORZixIprE
  13. Bucho

    Episode 212 — Comedy Bleep Bleep

    James Adomian literally blew my mind again. Apart from Joe Wengert's character in 210, no other character has had me laughing as much and as hard as Gordon Ramsay on this episode since Paul Rust gave birth to New-No-Nos. What with all the superstar guests in and out of the open door hogging the limelight it doesn't get said often enough how funny Scott's reactions and show-driving are. I even made a mental note about the number 54:56 (The Devil's other number?) because Scottabot emits a particular "Ooooh" makes in response to Gordon Ramsay talking about Neil's girlfriend which is so sublime it blew my head off. 6 seconds later was the much-commented-on moment when Gordon said the n-word, but the first time through I completely missed it because The Choctaw's ludicrously perfect "Ooooh" at 54:56 had me cracking all the way up and I had to wind back to hear the rest of what Gordon had been saying. He really was vital to making the segments with Brendon's character work too, because even as a bad comedian it was the type of easy bad comedy even a non-comedian could do. It really was one of those experiments that wasn't working, so Scott reacting to that and commenting on it was what made it worth listening to. Nothing against Brendon though, even the stupendous James Adomian has brought in ideas which haven't worked in the past. This was my guess too, but if it was done in post it's a phenomenal - nay, superhuman - job because whoever produced it couldn't just bleep every cuss, they had to pay attention to the narrative which involved the guys commenting on which cusses weren't bleeped. With the way Scott in particular was responding live to non-bleeps as much as bleeps I thought they might actually have had two or more bleep buttons in-studio so each of them could bleep themselves live. Either that or the producer was bleeping live on a delay. Whatever the behind-the-scenes answer is the result was nothing short of magnificent.
  14. Bucho

    Episode 120 — Live from SXSW 2013

    Awesome episode. I'd never heard of these two before I heard this episode but they totally won me over and now totally I'm a Matt and Kim fan. Best live show yet.
  15. Bucho

    Episode 210 — A Spiritual Journey

    This episode was nothing short of completely tremendous, four out of four entertainers delivering the goods in spades. EVERYONE was ON baby. But ExtraSuperUberMegaSpecial mention goes to Joe Wengert for making me laugh out loudly harder than any CBB thing thing since New-No-Nos. Every time he did that exhalation/relaxation-of-tension thing as he revealed his ludicrous revelations I was losing it. I love that character so much with the time-traveling and the ludicrous revelations and the voice and EVERYTHING I want her/him back asap. ASAP I SAID!!!
  16. Bucho

    Episode 209 — The Bisco Boys

    Really sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet episode Scott. And I mean reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally sweet.
  17. Bucho

    Episode 118.5 — 3/8/13 TWO CHARTED 57

    Such a brilliant episode. The pure joy at the gifts was fantastic enough, but then followed by such moments as "I failed the test", it became more than just a podcast. It became a masterpeice.
  18. I thought Scott had mentioned a big deal show was coming on board but I can't for the life of me remember where he said it. I think I saw it in print, but I take in so much audio and text media these days, and so much Choctaw, that it's all a jumble in the old memory banks. If I had to guess I'd say it was in an AV Club interview but I have no idea how right I'd be.
  19. Bucho

    Episode 206 — Live from SXSW 2013

    That little smile Sarah gives Cera at 25:30 is the most adoraboos moment. So glad I watched the vid instead of just listening to the audio. Stupid audio. That's not "Tim, in person" buddy, that's Tim doing a bit. "Unwilling to be silly"? Not if you heard anything he said on any episode of CBB (Comedy Bang Bang) ever. That guy is one of the silliest sillies there is.
  20. Bucho

    Episode 205 — Titans of Comedy

    Really good stuff from all the guests but Scottabot was still the brightest star for me. If that's how fantastically he can run Would You Rather when stricken down by the pox I say make every week a sick week.
  21. Bucho

    Episode 118 — Shit Fits

    Oh, yeah, nah, yeah, nah, I totally get what you're saying and I tooooooootally agree. You're saying some people just love to hear Wie and Ku being happy more than others do, and I'm with you 100%.
  22. Bucho

    Episode 118 — Shit Fits

    Here's how it is: I love Wie and Ku. When I love someone I love to hear them happy. I heard Wie and Ku both being very happy to be making this ep with Howard's pal Giancarlo, just as I heard them being very happy making the ep with Steve-O. Thus I was very happy to hear these episodes.
  23. Bucho

    Episode 204 — The Pepper Men

    Almost as much as ALW's very quiet "Cake Boss" last week.
  24. Bucho

    Episode 204 — The Pepper Men

    I think they all had some of that, and so do the Between Two Fernses.