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  1. mikeodenthal

    Episode 152 — High-Pitched Cavemen

    Is this a real comment? It sounds too whiny to be a joke. If so, are podcast plugs really your primary means of learning about television listings? You're a weird dude, Sly.
  2. mikeodenthal

    Episode 171 — What Happens in New Zealand

    I like guests who like all of the songs and have seen all of the movies and like all of the movies. You're the worst. (My opinion, but maybe I think too much about stuff.)
  3. mikeodenthal

    Episode 85 — Live from Bridgetown 2012

    Dear Kulap, I'm pretty sure it is, has been, and will be "Slay-ter-kin-Knee" You had it right out the gate. Please stop second-guessing yourself. At least when neither of the dummies sitting opposite you voice a contentious opinion. You're almost always right.
  4. mikeodenthal

    Episode 35 — I Fixed It!

    Hey guys.... admittedly I'm late to the parade here, and while I do agree that Chris Gore is a toxic human being that should be contained in some sensory deprivation chamber until science can isolate the gene that makes man that terrible... I do have to admit that his "yell at a random innocent for no reason and watch how surprised they are to get yelled on" improv style has resonated throughout the world of television... here is the most prominent example:
  5. mikeodenthal

    Episode 61 — Time Traveling Skrillex

    Bi-weekly means every other week, ya dangus! When I saw that presented in the description as if it were good news, I felt I was in for quite the dreadful Wednesday. Alas, my heart lifted again when Kulap and Howard clarified the matter...
  6. mikeodenthal

    Episode 120 — Farts and Procreation

    Favorite episode ever. I've never laughed more creepily in public than when Harris explained how they called the sister lumber yard "Carl's Jr. Hamburgers"... this might be the arbiter from here on out of whether someone and I can get along...