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    Episode 74 — Star Trek

    Thanks and excellent question! Having taken philosophy classes in Utah, this is definitely an topic of debate that has come up often, but never framed around the concept of Star Treks' Prime Directive until now. In my experience, Mormon missionaries are on a two year mission (not 5 like Kirk) to seek out those who would be receptive to their message. It would be counter productive to force theology and ideologies, which are heavily based on free will, on anyone. That is why Mormon missionaries invite people to listen, but would never force people to listen. They'll also help you move out of an apartment or paint your shed, if you ask them to. I hope that answers your question, thanks again!
  2. aaronburrell

    Episode 74 — Star Trek

    Hey thanks for listening to my episode! If you are dying to read more from those sources I quoted during the episode here they are: Gene Roddenberry Bio: http://www.roddenberry.com/corporate-gene-biography The Ethics of Star Trek by Barad & Robertson: http://philosophynow.org/issues/34/The_Ethics_of_Star_Trek_by_Barad_and_Robertson Warp Drive : http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/17/warp-drive-star-trek-feasible_n_1890679.html The Prime Directive: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prime_Directive#Text
  3. Tig Notaro and Kyle Dunnigan seeking Unpaid Intern approximately 5-10 hrs/wk in NYC only in person interviews 10/8-14/2012 approx. work dates 10/15/12-3/15/13 Tasks include: general scheduling, travel booking, sort and summarize mail and bills, basic website maintenance (word press), selling and mailing merchandise, general research, typing, event organizing, promotion, telephones and basic video/film projects, grocery shopping and running errands. Perks include: one meal a day + a monthly subway card, free live shows, tv tapings, events, possible accompaniment to network/studio meetings and direct contact with industry execs, agents, actors and comedians. Candidates MUST: be punctual, professional, detail-oriented with an interest in comedy and science-y type stuff. own laptop, smart phone, video and editing equipment a plus. Please note this could become a paid position, but not guaranteed. Email cover letter, resume and references to Aaron Burrell: tig.notaro.asst@gmail.com (video introduction preferred, not required.) Serious inquiries only, if we are interested in you we will contact you.
  4. aaronburrell

    Taking this week off

    Hey Blastronauts, Tig is still recuperating, and unfortunately her mother unexpectedly passed away a few days ago. We'll be taking this wk off, but will be back next wk w/a new episode. Thanks for your love and support.