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    Patton Oswalt and David Cross, when are you cocksuckers gonna come on the show again? And create comedic gold that sparkles like filligree from anctient lands, and evokes sexual tension within the israeli-palestinian conflict?
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    Schindler's List

    This Coming from a supposedly Oriental man.
  3. bostonboy1991

    ThanksKilling (2009)

    From the very first scene to the bitter fucking end, I could not quell my laughter. Pros about this movie: If you like big natural mature veiny tits, this movie will blow your load. Cons: I nearly blew my blew my brains out from laughing myself into a tizzy. To be very terse and get to the point (If I were a prisoner at fulsom I would be beaten to death for letting out even the tiniest little bray of laughter). Pretend you are a prisoner at fulsom and do not see this movie (unless of course you are the geniuses behind "How Did This Get Made" then by all means see...this...movie.