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    Help I'm turning into a comedy nerd

    In addition to Louis, you could also watch Growing Paines, Grays Anatomy, Step Bye Step, The Batchelor, Jean Sommons Family Jewels, Happy Daze, and any other alternately spelled shows you can find.
  2. SetYourGoals


    I think we're the same fat Dave, don't sweat it. Let's start a weight loss thread and get ripped.
  3. SetYourGoals

    Episode 126 — Suicide is Painless

    #1 thing I took away from this episode: If they do a British remake of Toy Story, Nick Lowe is first in line to do the music.
  4. SetYourGoals


    @David The decision to go with the blends versus a standard cotton shirt is one made with the majority style in mind, not the price point. It actually costs us more to get the blends. But I think if you lined up 10 people, and handed them a poly blend and a cotton shirt, 8 out of 10 would say the blend feels more confortable and looks better. We'd love to be able to make shirts for that other 2/10ths, but we can only one time bulk orders make sense for us economically at this point. Personally, I like the blends for their fit more than their look. I'm not the thinnest guy around, and 100% Cotton not only shrinks up pretty good, it also sort of tightens up around my midsection. Not a lot of give.The poly blends, particularly in the larger sizes, just sort of drape down and expose less of how much I should be spending my money on a gym membership and not excessive amounts of poly blend t-shirts. The orders are locked in for a while, but we will certainly take your comments into consideration for our next run. Thanks for the feedback!
  5. SetYourGoals


    Comedy Bang Bang shirts are available for sale! Yay!
  6. SetYourGoals

    Help I'm turning into a comedy nerd

    Comedians of Comedy is a must watch
  7. SetYourGoals

    Bret Gelman podcast

    That's just classic Conrad.
  8. SetYourGoals

    One Star iTunes Reviews

    Reviving an oldie, but I was lucky enough to see a One Star Review of the honorable Mr. Ducca, live in the form of a drunk heckler. It was at Nick Kroll's Largo show in July, and Seth came out in full neck brace, gray hair and crutches, and did a hilarious list of women (has that ever been recorded?). Some loud girl started tweeting Nick from the bathroom about how she "hated the stupid old guy" and then proceeded to mildly heckle once she came back. Needless to say, Nick came out and blasted her from onstage. It was glorious. We should have Nick go after all the one star reviewers.
  9. SetYourGoals

    Episode 88 — Vanity Plates! Incest!

    In response to the Jonah Hill question, I got to go the set of Momeyball, they shot it last August. So he cut that weight fast. Good for him.
  10. SetYourGoals

    Episode 36 — Who Uses Yourcast?

    This is based not on anything I know from being at Earwolf, but I don't think the sound quality of an out of studio guest will make it on par with in studio anytime in the near future. If Howard Stern, with all the money they have, can't make a call in guest sound great, I think there is a pretty big technological barrier. Skype and Google voice are steadily improving though, and I think we sound better than Stern in that department. There are episodes of How Did This Get Made where Jason skypes in and it feels like he is right there with them, just with a worse mic. It's really just a problem that advancements at Apple and Google are going to take care of in time, I think.
  11. SetYourGoals


    Is it really that bad that there is music? Instead of a Lonely Island song, it's a great acoustic performance that you can't hear anywhere else. It really ruins the show to have a different song there?
  12. SetYourGoals

    Episode 20 — Punisher: War Zone

    What a great episode.
  13. SetYourGoals

    BJ Porter

  14. SetYourGoals

    How many times has this been asked?

    The new studio is in a nice office building with central air. But I think that air only runs during business hours on weekdays. So if we're in there late or on weekends, it can get a little toasty, but nothing nearly as bad as the old studio. The increase in square footage alone really helped with the temperature.
  15. SetYourGoals

    Episode 60 — Bring the Raw Bone

    @Roy Ziegler He looked great when he was in the studio (http://youtu.be/qfaTD0VdLzk), and I think they wrapped production in July, so he cut the weight fast. I think I read somewhere he lost 30 pounds in a month.