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    Bret Gelman podcast

    "So yes, some of us were expecting a Brett Gelman Earwolf show fairly soon. It's a good idea not talking about new shows before they're released, but Gelmania has clearly been announced, so it's understandable that we would want an indication on whether it's still happening or not. I'm guessing not, though." agreed. what a bummer. i have been checking every week or so since the non-announcement to see if gelmania was up. totally laime indeed!
  2. i can't listen to this on here, but i'm a huge chris lilley/SHH fan and would love to listen. maybe up it to soundcloud so we can hear?
  3. messofglue

    Live from Bumbershoot 2011 Discussion

    "I really enjoyed the shows... until I realized THERE WERE NO PLUGS!!! Upon realizing this I flew into a rage, smashed my ipod and kicked my dog. I considered perusing litigation against earwolf to recoup the cost of a new ipod and the vet bills but I thought I'd give Scott a chance to right the wrong he has personally brought upon me. So if you could email me the plugs that were missed before I relisten to the episodes, my dog would appreciate it and we can save the heartache of a highly publicized trial." i did all of the above, plus murder a village of retarded infants.
  4. messofglue

    Episode 16 — The Smurfs

    i really want to see the smurfs after listening to the podcast. it sounds like it has cult classic potential.
  5. i put this one on the old facebook page, and it never got played. so i am resubmitting it, hoping that now you see the beauty in it. also, the group is named after none other than harris's foam corner.