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    Episode 106 — It\'s a Fucking Podcast: Pt 1

    Andy should to continue to be a on as a guest, a few times a year. Cake boss can be on whenever he likes too.
  2. quickswim

    Episode 76 - Tompkins/Galafanakis

    I expected ZG enthusiasm to be a little higher. Too cool for school doesn't work for improv. Tompkins stole the show. He really is a guest that can be relied on.
  3. Plugs theme 3 of 3 by Kevin Metz
  4. Plugs theme 2 of 3 by Kevin Metz
  5. Plugs theme 1 of 3 by Kevin Metz
  6. quickswim

    Episode 107 — Maybe It's Maybelline

    This is the greatness that is created when the guests are well matched. Both these guys would make solid guests by themselves too.