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  1. These are all GREAT suggestions! You guys reminded me of some of my faves. Thank you!
  2. Apologies if this topic has already been discussed, but I'm looking to introduce a friend who is a casual comedy fan (she likes Who Charted? and has recently gotten into Spontaneanation) to CBB. Despite the fact that I've been listening to CBB since the beginning I'm having trouble coming up with some good introductory episodes for her to try. She loves PFT, but I'm looking for episodes that hopefully don't build too much on previous episodes she hasn't listened to yet. I was scrolling through the list of episodes he's been on but it's been a while (been a while) since I listened to some of the older ones and just staring at the list is not reminding me of which ones are especially wonderful. I have a feeling she would like Mantzoukas, too, but there's no need to stick to just those two people. Any ideas?
  3. Definitely the foamiest!
  4. Gigglefest 2012! These are all the best guys! Loved Jon Daly's slide out of and back into character.
  5. waxpop

    Episode 71 — Wealth

    No offense to Kyle but I'm frightened that he sounds more on top of his financial situation than I am.
  6. waxpop

    Kyle Dunnigan's Stand-up!

    I saw Kyle recently at his Kyle Dunnigan and Friends show at the Hollywood Improv. (Was lucky enough to be there on a night when Tig and Sarah were some of his "friends" and I spied David (S)Huntsberger and Aaron milling around the club, too!) I just can't say enough about Kyle's set! He started off with a little Craig, did some stuff at the piano and then did some more conventional stand-up. It was all hilarious. As a fan of PB from the beginning, it was such a treat to see some of my favorites doing what they do best. Steven is right when he says you must catch Kyle if he comes anywhere near you!
  7. Great show as usual, guys. Kyle making fun of Morley Safer's marblemouth voice was THE BEST. A million hugs and good thoughts coming Tig's way.
  8. waxpop

    Episode 63 — Relationships

    Sending good thoughts out to our wonderful Tig. No matter what the prognosis, you'll get through it and we'll all be here cheering you on. Sometimes bad luck comes in big, terrible piles and it just makes your life suck for a while. I've been through years like that; it's hard to believe that miserable things will ever stop pouring down on you, but in my experience they do (eventually). Great episode, even with the sad stuff. The fact that Kyle will never run out of embarrassing stories really cheers me on tough days. Just hearing him talk about how that girl was always carrying around $1 bills... Oh, Kyle. Never stop being you!
  9. waxpop

    Episode 57 — Reconciliation

    Yeah, HOW did they put out such great, funny shows while not really speaking to each other?! That completely blew my mind while listening to this episode. I certainly didn't notice months of shows where there was some weird vibe. Pretty amazing. I think Taylor [Dayne]'s views on gender differences were pretty wacky, but it's fun to have someone who sees the world so much differently than, obviously, Tig, Kyle and David do. She did a great job hanging back and letting them deal with the serious stuff. Overall, this was one of my favorite episodes. Kyle's Taylor [Dayne] impression nearly made my sister and I drive off the freeway and kill ourselves, we were laughing so hard.
  10. waxpop

    Episode 162 — Best Bro Hang

    I would pay good(ish) money for the Hollywood Facts theme song as a ringtone. SO happy to hear these three bros broin' out again. The Andy Samberg Special is one of my all-time favorite episodes. Pally drifting in and out of character was delightful, as was Andy's generous laughter throughout. I don't understand people saying the vibe is weird on this episode. It's Comedy Bang Bang (The Podcast) - it's ALWAYS weird. In a good way.
  11. waxpop

    Episode 9 — Jon Daly's Rafflecast 2

    I'd like to give a hearty "Thanksy,Banksy!" to Jon for putting out another great show!
  12. Guys, I heard Bob on the SXSW ep of Comedy Bang Bang, so we know he's alive. I just wish he would pop back in and give us an update. We miss you, Bob!
  13. waxpop

    Episode 8 — Analyze Phish Episode 4

    Oh, man, you guys. So great. SO GREAT. I was afraid I had built this episode up too much in my head, but no! It was as awesome as I'd imagined. Thanks for making such a fun podcast, Harris and Scott.
  14. I got an iTunes gift certificate for Christmas and was so excited to purchase all the bonus eps of my favorite Earwolf shows (Comedy Bang Bang at Bumbershoot, Holiday Who Charted?, etc.) but it looks like they're only available through the Earwolf store. I know there's probably a few good reasons this isn't happening now, but if there's any way to make these available through iTunes at some point in the future, I'm sure lots of people who have iTunes credits would buy the crap out of them!
  15. waxpop

    Episode 6 — Jon Daly\'s Rafflecast

    Jon is some sort of insane genius. This was a true highlight of my podcast-listening week!