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    Episode 3.3 — Concept & Content: Day 3

    __Thanks to the creators, hosts, competitors, and even forum posters for being entertaining! I'm also glad people are taking all this seriously, despite the fact that it's about "comedy" and a "reality competition show." As a consumer, I appreciate anything that supports original content (specifically, GOOD content). __I've read complaints about Matt Besser's low energy, but he's not doing a character or a sketch. He's being a host/director/coach with some great advice. I was also surprised at first by his comments about Brett's segment. I thought it was funny. I understood immediately that the initial jokes were supposed to bad/cliche, but I agree that the premise should be clear earlier. The judges comments make more sense after reading these forum posts. __I was surprised that CGTE was eliminated. I wonder if the decision would have been different if Matt Besser and PFT weren't such fans of sketches and written/rehearsed content. Would guest judge Jimmy Pardo (who admits written and rehearsed routines aren't his M.O.) have made the same decision? Am I wrong to assume I know these guys and how they think? Probably. But I still wonder. __I started listening to the challenge because Elizabeth Laime told me to. I intended to skip through to only TL segments, but you all sucked me in! The only shows I haven't been really impressed by yet are TVZ and F+. All the shows definitely have at least one new listener. Good luck to everyone, but since this is a competition, I have to say GO TOTALLY LAIME! (I'm not into sports, but that's an appropriate cheer, right?)