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  1. Howard asking if she had a bathing suit was the creepiest thing ever.
  2. Podus

    Episode 183 β€” Student Athlete

    Umm, Temecula is Riverside County, not Orange. Just sayin'
  3. The 100 dollar mic was most likely a Sure Sm57/58. It is used in the most high end studios along with super expensive mics. Brandon Flowers prefers it.
  4. Wrong lyrics. Those were about George Dubya
  5. For the record, Incubus has made some amazing music. Morning View is classic ummm american music.
  6. That mama thing was awesome! One of podcastings finest moments.
  7. Podus

    Episode 282 β€” Wompster's University

    Scottie 2 Hottie rocking the pinstripe vans cap
  8. Podus

    Episode 280 β€” DuALity

    Great episode but damn those ads are getting more and more annoying.
  9. I have been waiting for this since the show began.
  10. I am now convinced that I hate Phish and U2.
  11. Scharplings reaction to finding out that shitty riff was one of the band members favorite had me rolling. I play guitar and don't see how that could be anyone's favorite guitar part.
  12. This was the bestest! I've listened 3 times. Haven't done that to a podcast in a long time.
  13. I don't think many people said the episode was bad. They were just let down by the lack of some of their favorite characters and a sort of tradition that has developed. I personaly think the episode was solid while not being nearly as good as some other Halloween eps. I agree with the other poster that the Monsterfuck was way better this time due to it being performed live.
  14. Podus

    Episode 152 β€” Overture

    Wow. This was a shorty ep. Why was everything so rushed?
  15. Podus

    Episode 170.5 β€” Sklarbro County 75

    Lve me some Alison Rosen
  16. Your post is voided for spelling Scotts last name wrong!
  17. Rap was brought up but no freestyle rap battle? It must be hslloween cause CBB died today. Lol
  18. ie I decided to listen to a classic halloween ep. Lol
  19. I waited a year for Brett and Company. Oh well, this is change I'm gonna have to get used to but I don't think I can.
  20. Eminem's new song is amazing.
  21. Podus

    Episode 150 β€” Warrior Pose

    Radiohead, Morrissey and The Smiths are three of my favorite bands ever. Weird hearing them all mentioned on this chart.