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  1. I was there! It was so much fun. Seeing Lauren live was a highlight.
  2. Podus

    Episode 150 β€” Warrior Pose

    Creep is such a bland pop song. Radiohead is much better now. In Rainbows is as good as anything they've done. The last album was a slight misstep though.
  3. Podus

    Episode 50 β€” Jenkem ft. Eric Andre

    Damn no more Shots are gonna be fired.
  4. I thought the Mohr CBB was great but you could tell he isn't as comfortable doing an improv scene.
  5. I listen to this one often. I miss these extra long episodes.
  6. Podus

    Episode 165 β€” He's A Lesbian

    Wow. T.O.s looking T.Old!
  7. Podus

    Episode 46 β€” Guns and Monsters

    You guys are crazy, that new Eminem track is straight fire! Hope the rest of the album isn't that sound but as a single it is a strong one. Remember, most Eminem singles are the worst.
  8. Love the Paul F. Tompkins appearance. LOL
  9. Podus

    Episode 243 β€” Blow Me Up, Tom!

    This was why I fell in love with CBB so many years ago. So fun and edgy.
  10. Podus

    Episode 227 β€” Racist Vagina

    Shariq is such an idiot he doesn't get my point. I was simply pointing out such a factually incorrect statement not giving my opinion on wheter or not the problem needs to be adressed. It's so funny to me that you think I am a death metal fan.
  11. Podus

    Episode 227 β€” Racist Vagina

    Europeans invented racism. You guys are amazingly ignorant. Racism has and will be around in every group of people forever.
  12. Damn you fuckers have no sense of humor.
  13. Podus

    Episode 42 β€” Good/Bad New Music

    Analyze Phish!!!!
  14. Podus

    Episode 158 β€” Malicious Fecal Distribution

    I hate mashups with a passion! LOL
  15. Podus

    Episode 139.5 β€” 08/02/13 TWO CHARTED 78

    I miss shortwave. It was an amazing podcast.
  16. I spit rhymes like listerine.
  17. Hey Matt, the best part of the Dunkin' donuts video is at the end when she calls them sand niggers and blames them for 9/11.
  18. I am a minority so I guess you have to make some other weak argument. Son
  19. Oh so you brought in name calling now. Your logic sensor is out of whack. Keep using talking points and generalisations like Sean Hannity/Bill O'Reilly/Adam Carolla to proove your point. Enjoy it, Yesssss (Brody Stevens)
  20. So what. That is not still happening. It is just a word.