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  1. Podus

    Episode 124 β€” Duke of Leon

    In Rainbows is Radioheads best album by far.
  2. Podus

    Silver Linings Playbook

    Movie was lame. Not HDTGM worthy though.
  3. Scoop deville is pretty chill.
  4. This is a repeat question. Same message. Good job Andrew. Lol
  5. Podus

    Episode 121 β€” The Origin of Dubstep

    I would fuck with the champs if the got rid of the shitty effects
  6. Podus

    Episode 120 β€” Live from SXSW 2013

    They really are crazy, check this out
  7. Ben schwartz really is one of the best guests to ever have on a podcast. He even made his appearance on Adam Carollas show listenable!
  8. Podus

    Episode 118 β€” Shit Fits

    When he told Kulap not to get to big he was talking about crossfit muscle girl big, not fat. You're mad over nothing.
  9. Obviously a gay bar! http://www.myfoxphoenix.com/story/21316451/2013/02/23/go-go-dancer-helps-subdue-man-wielding-ax-at-phoenix-gay-bar
  10. Podus

    Episode 17 - Building The Track Pt. 5

    Best Podcast Ever!!!
  11. Racism has a hard definition. It is the feeling that one race is superior to another. That is the definition! It is funny that the host of a show called Yo is this racist doesn't know the actual definition of the word. I think it should be called "Yo is this prejudiced" because now I see why Andrew thinks everything is racist.
  12. This ep. was fun. Not the best ever but all that hatred is so alien to me. Who Charted has given us all many hours of awesome entertainment and then after one okay episode it seems appropriate to make an account and complain??? Go ahead and complain, but after the next great episode make sure you compliment and tell Kuku and Weewee how much you love it.
  13. Podus

    Episode 203 β€” The Vicar of Yanks

    Ghost riding the whip reference and explanation was one of the most amazing things ever.
  14. Podus

    Episode 6 β€” Analyze Fish Pt. 2

    http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fisch Check this out, so many possibilities.
  15. Podus

    Episode 6 β€” Analyze Fish Pt. 2

    Haha. I was gonna suggest Limpet before I thought taking the phish in another direction.
  16. Podus

    Episode 6 β€” Analyze Fish Pt. 2

    The next "Phish" should be about hackers. Maybe the Social Network!
  17. Podus

    Episode 201 β€” End Scene

    The rabbits foot has now been mentioned on two Earwolf podcasts in one week. Strike the rabbits foot!
  18. Who Charted kept the old mics and it looks and sounds better. Headset mics look dorky
  19. Podus

    Episode 16 β€” Chicago

    Ressurection is Common's gift to the world. Great ep. Segregated studio seating I see!
  20. There was definitely a lot of extra noise coming through. Great ep. but the noise almost made it unbearable
  21. Podus

    Episode 13 - Building the Track

    Internet song
  22. Podus

    Episode 14 β€” Four Thousand And Eighty

    Please do not chew/crunch things on mic. It is very annoying. I love the show but it makes it almost unlistenable
  23. Besser's gaining some weight