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    Episode 63 — Relationships

    We are all very upset with you tig, kidding. I dont know what to say. I cried several times today (im a man). We love you so much. If you dont have the insurance to pay you know we have your back, aaand front.
  2. Daniel Lee

    Howard Kremer - Have a Summah album

    I just bought it!!! Love it.
  3. Daniel Lee

    Anyone have a unique podcast concept?

    I just published the pilot of a monthly comedy podcast called Classy Nonsense. Every episode I will try to make a whole new podcast not just a new episode. The pilot is just basically highly edited riffing based on that idea. I don't have a my radio voice yet so this is also a pilot of my stage presence, and any type of ability to talk, or interact with the world around me. But, I am getting pretty good at smashing stuff. http://classynonsense.blogspot.com/ http://classynonsense.libsyn.com
  4. Daniel Lee

    Episode 6 — Gelmania VI

    I hope he can at least do one a month, it seems as produced as pod f.
  5. Daniel Lee

    Earwolf @ SXSW

    ill be going, but in the secondery line, no badge
  6. Daniel Lee

    Episode 42 — Disease

  7. Love the episode but we really do need to stop using gay as a negative word. Listen to Todd Glass. I have a brother thats gay and I cant imagine what it would be like to use my name, what I am, to mean terrible
  8. Yes. Another positive word!
  9. Does he have any training?
  10. Daniel Lee

    New Moderator Introduction Post!!

    Hi shannon, im daniel I live in san antonio i like good stuff. say hi to Clayton Blackstone, he just started standup in austin and has done cap city open mic (actually good)
  11. Daniel Lee

    Episode 143 — Grammy Spectacular

    Todd, we love your laugh
  12. the only musical I've ever liked and LOVED
  13. Daniel Lee

    Anyone have a unique podcast concept?

    this can only only be done by a well established comedian and or podcaster get 2 or 3 great comedians and have them come up with an original podcast a week before hand. if they cant then they can just chat for an hour you can even trap them into doing it, invite them to an established podcast tell them its going to be a special 2 hour show. Then tell them they have an hour to prepare there own podcast
  14. Daniel Lee

    Who wants to see my stand-up?

    Very good
  15. Daniel Lee

    What would be the opening line of your stand up routine.

    So what do you guys think about this electoral season? Can-I-Dayt more like Can-Di-Dayt. Its a commonly mispronounced word