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    Live, non-funny, musical guests: I'm not on board.

    Doesn't Scott say that it's part of a live music month? So it won't necessarily go on forever and ever
  2. spraynardtatum

    What guest do you want to see?

    This is what I would like please. 1. Dave Chapelle (from THE Chappelle's Show) 2. Tim and Eric together as well as single episodes with one of them leading up to the awesome combined show 3. Will Forte 4. Demetri Martin 5. TJ Miller 6. James Adomian 7. Tim and Eric Thank you thank you thank you
  3. spraynardtatum

    Episode 115 — The Plug-In Drug

    I don't think enough credit goes to David Wains sleepytime rapping voice. he sounded so bored. it was hilarious! I wish more rappers didn't care about what they said so we could hear that