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    Alex Cross (2012)

    I second this. I just saw it today (free ticket) and I'd think it work for HDTGM. The only thing going against it is that I didn't find it to be the laugh riot I've heard some people claim it to be. It's still a piece of shit, but mostly because of how vile it is. I'm pretty sure Cross and his buddy have not learned one thing by the end of the film even though horrific things have happened to both of them; so horrific that it would change anyone it happened to. And what's funny is that it seems to fly in the face of everything Perry has ever made (to be fair, I haven't seen any other of his films unless we're counting Star Trek). I have no idea why he agreed to this, unless he's a hypocrite and just did it for the money. He doesn't make those Madea films because of how wildly successful they are, right? No, that has to just be crazy talk. And for being a detective, he never really solves anything. He figures out one clue but that's about it.
  2. Painful listen this episode outside of Matt, Marc and Howard. The F+ I thought actually had the funniest content (thanks to the guest) but they absolutely dropped the ball when they kept "interrupting" the guest especially after telling him that he could say anything he wanted. That completely backfired on them. The only other memorable submission (mostly because it was last) was Totally Laime's, but mostly because of how disappointing it was. I really like their show, but out of all the clips from all the great guests they've had...this should've been a slam dunk for them (again). And even though I think they're used a little ironically, a sound effect heavy clip was a horrible idea, because it didn't come across like it normally does on their show. I think they're fine this week (which is fine by me because I like the show) but I almost feel like they should be in the bottom three out of laziness. Cody's predictions for the bottom three are mine as well, with The F+ being the odd one out.
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    Please forgive me if a reason was already given for this, but this would seem to be the perfect podcast for audience participation. It seems sort of odd to have two different judges come in every week, listen to two minute segments of shows that at best they're only vaguely familiar with (one judge has seemed to mention or hinted at this each week so far) and then get the final vote on who stays and who goes. I know the judges are experts as each one has a podcast, but this just screams for having the listeners vote in addition to, or instead of the judges, as the listeners are the ones who are most familiar with the shows. I'm not sure if this wasn't possible with the recent website (and overall) changes to Earwolf over the past few weeks, or if it just didn't come up, but if it's possible, it might be something to think about for the next season of the challenge. Also, maybe slightly less vague categories for the weekly challenges, though admittedly that one is kind of hard to judge/criticize at this point as it is only week three. Keep up the good work Earwolf!