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    Nothing But Trouble

    I was looking though the forum to see if this was here and just by reading that someone else has seen this movie, I feel justified that I didn't invent it in a fever-dream. Because it it nuuuuuuuuuuuts.
  2. miss_dapper

    Episode 7.2 — Original Content: Day 2

    Since Matt asked and I am a fan of The F Plus, I have to say that I am pretty much never confused about riffs vs. content in the regular show. Each reader is introduced before each piece or as each new message board poster, always. There's a rythem to it where you can tell from the tone of voice and the content of the material what is being read, and when you get a few episodes in, you can really tell the readers apart and get to know their personalities. I guess the downside is that you need to just dive in and get an episode under your belt before you really understand it as a whole. Of the ones left, it's the highest concept and the hardest to access immediately, but those problems are reduced in long form.
  3. miss_dapper

    Episode 4.2 — Recurring Segments: Day 2

    Oh my garsh, I loved Left Handed Radio's segment. I'm from Steelers country, and the accent & references were so good. I'm definitely going to listen to the backlog on that one now. I hope Ham Radio stays in. It's probably the highest concept one, and it hasn't come across as well as it could in bite-sized pieces, but I've listened to whole eps and it's very slick and works well and makes me laugh. And as someone who listens to The Little Dum Dum Club regularly, the Maryborough well has a lot of water in it, and they dole it out in little pieces, so it could last a long, long time.