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  1. Merick

    EPISODE 336 — NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    He was born on 4/20, are you kidding me?
  2. Merick

    EPISODE 334 — The Dream Team

    Benjamin Button reference #205 on Comedy Bang Bang.
  3. Merick

    Episode 331 — Secret Superlatives

    Benjamin Button must come up in every 4th episode of Comedy Bang Bang. I'm fine with that.
  4. Merick

    Episode 47 — Happy Chap

    This is the most talkative and friendly I've ever heard Proops.
  5. Merick

    Episode 172 — Conspiracies

    Great to have an eloquent, interesting guest.
  6. I'm not an expert on sea life by any means, but half of what this guy has said about jellyfish so far at 28 minutes in is either incorrect, or only true for maybe a couple of species. Jellyfish isn't a meaningful scientific classification, either, it's a number of species from different classes that "look like a jellyfish". Edit: I'm glad he's aware that antioxidants aren't great, though. That seems to be taking a long time to enter public consciousness.
  7. Tangelo wasn't brought up once during UTU2TM, was it?
  8. Merick

    Episode 12 — The Baby's Sunglasses

    The German guy got bored of commenting this fast?
  9. Merick

    Episode 5 — Guest Host Jimmy Pardo

    The first episode with a character, and it's Paul Gilmartin, whom I have not heard portray a character on any other podcast, and Maria Bamford. Jimmy's "flirting" with the engineer(?) is a bit weird.
  10. Merick

    Episode 302 — Milkshake Movies

    I really loved this episode and I love when Mr. Pepitone guests.
  11. Merick

    Episode 160 — The Moon

    The human female menstrual cycle is not, on average, the same length as a cycle of the moon's phases. It's kinda close, which inspired a lot of didn't-know-any-better ancient civilizations, but today there's really no reason to think there is a connection of any sort.
  12. Merick

    Announcing Earwolf's New CEO

    I'm not good at goodbyes. Jeff, you've been
  13. Merick

    Episode 157 — Materialism

    Just wanted to comment to say thanks for having someone on who really knows what they're talking about.
  14. Merick

    Episode 7 — Zooropa

    You have to pay to see your win/loss record in Words with Friends!? Why do people play that when the vastly superior Scrabble is free?
  15. Merick

    Earwolf Live VPN Schedule!

    I've been waiting a month and a half for a new video. I really enjoy them, I hope Earwolf doesn't end up like the rest of the shows on VPN.
  16. Really? Most of the far-future space opera I've read seems to hand out names in such a way as to suggest a diverse cast, often not even matching physical descriptions. Asian names for dark skinned characters, Irish names for characters with asian features, made up names that don't match any particular culture. Near-future stuff more often has alliances/planets/stations/etc of one culture, but certainly not "always white".
  17. My favorite pump up song is Pumped Up Kicks.
  18. Merick

    Episode 100 — Atoms

    I've been watching that "Full episodes" playlist on the Earwolf Youtube channel, waiting for this video to appear. Why was it only posted on the VPN account? Should I be watching the VPN playlist instead?
  19. Merick

    Episode 212 — Comedy Bleep Bleep

    I wish there were pictures so we could see this curtain shirt and bird nest hair. Not so much for all the cum.
  20. Merick

    Episode 122 — Me Neither

    Howard doesn't understand that humans get energy from food.
  21. Merick

    Episode 205 — Titans of Comedy

    Four comedians made for a really great show.
  22. Merick

    Episode 161 — Lobsters In Tuxedos!

    Paul is great.
  23. Merick

    Episode 136 — A Nye For A Nye

    Is Jon Glaser doing an Earwolf tour? Not complaining at all.
  24. Merick

    Episode 14 — The Control Room

    Made some Amazon purchases with this show's referral to support such a unique podcast.
  25. Merick

    Episode 67 — Fish Hook

    I find the scenes easier to follow with the video. I hope for more I4H videos!