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    Q&A w/ Paul Scheer Thread

    I loved you this last week on SKLAR BRO COUNTRY!!! And I've seen you and Steve tweet about being back on set for THE LEAGUE! I'm as excited for The League to start as I am for football. Here's 3 quick Q's 1. Which of all the characters you've played would you ever want to do a movie about JUST THAT CHARACTER? 2. Have you ever turned down an interview ( like Jay Leno during the Conan controversy or a local morning TV show that you knew wouldn't get your humor ) ? And if so why? 3. Please tell your best JDR story. Something that she cringes a little when you tell it but still lets you back in the house. BONUS: What's been most star struck you've been with a celeb and who was it?
  2. iamskippy


    Maybe do a Kevin Bacon segment where the guest as well as you guys need to pick a person in the cast. The person who can connect to Bacon in the fewest moves gets drinks from the others. Another idea is a contest for WORST MOVIE LINE EVER and have us (listeners) submit horrible movie lines then make Jason and JDR guess the movie it's from. If we stump the panel we get sent a free H.D.T.G.M or Human Giant or Earwolf shirt. I think that for suggesting these I should get a shirt and PAUL SNEERS should FINALLY ADD ME ON FACEBOOK! Final idea: Maybe select an actor and give them the Nick Cage WhyTF did you pick this part award. Take Jeff Bridges: The Big Lebowski, True Grit and WTF... The Open Road with Justin Timberlake?! WHY JEFF??? WHY??? --Skippy--