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    Episode 66 β€” White Men Can’t Jump

    The assymetrical nature of racism means that it's literally impossible to be racist against white people. There literally isn't a thing that could happen, at least in America, that is honest-to-goodness racist against white people. You can be racially prejudiced against white people. It might be a little shitty, but it's seriously not a problem to call a white guy Jimmer every once in a while. Dogs how can you still not get that you just straight up cannot be racist against white people. The reason us white people have the stereotype of being the establishment is that we are the establishment. You can't get around that.
  2. Nintendo_Jones

    Episode 48 β€” Cultural Appropriation

    I don't think he necessarily thinks that the blues are wack, just there's some wack stuff going on with it and white people. Most of the famous blues musicians of the last 50 years are white guys and it's also something that white people will point to as something that proves they aren't racist. They'll cite the blues like they might cite a black friend. Or it'll be something where they'll be like "I don't like rap, but I do like real music like the blues." It's not racist in every case, obviously. Just sometimes there is an n-wordy undercurrent.
  3. Nintendo_Jones

    Episode 47 β€” Republicans

    this podcast is rad as hell
  4. Nintendo_Jones

    Episode 106 β€” Alpaca Dinghy

    Kulap joking about her pubes doesn't mean you should make creepy-ass internet comments about it. What's the upside to making that comment?
  5. Nintendo_Jones

    Episode 106 β€” Alpaca Dinghy

    Flatulator that is creepy as hell. Why would you ever say that?
  6. Nintendo_Jones

    Episode 95.5 β€” 9/28/12 TWO CHARTED 34

    White rap snobs only seem to like rap music that doesn't move your body. Aesop Rock is a good rapper, but he's also pretty boring. I'm a white rap double snob- I go all the way back around to looking down on people who only listen to "safe" choices like A Tribe Called Quest, etc. A Tribe Called Quest is great, but shit Big KRIT is good too.
  7. Nintendo_Jones

    In Time

    This movie has to get done. Saw this on HBO a little while back and it's probably the most HDTGM movie I can think of.
  8. Nintendo_Jones

    2012 Olympic Ceremony

    Obviously not a movie, but absolutely bonkers nonetheless.
  9. Nintendo_Jones

    What Women Want (2000)

    I'm watching this movie on TBS and just listened to Marisa Tomei demand that Mel Gibson tell her that he's gay. It is utter insanity.
  10. Nintendo_Jones

    What Women Want (2000)

    I'm watching this movie on TBS and just listened to Marisa Tomei demand that Mel Gibson tell her that he's gay. It is utter insanity.
  11. Nintendo_Jones

    Dracula 3000 (2004)

    It's Dracula in Space. 2004 TV movie. Stars Casper Van Dien, Coolio and the guy who played Deebo.
  12. http://www.earwolf.com/forums/topic.php?id=1166 was posted about a week back
  13. Nintendo_Jones

    Johnny Mnemonic (1995)

    I was just telling someone about this movie. You guys have to do it.
  14. Nintendo_Jones

    Wild at Heart (1990)

    I think this is the ultimate How Did This Get Made? movie. It's great to watch, but still has you contemplating that question as you watch the shitty acting and Nic Cage karate moves. It has Nicolas Cage, it has insanity, it has to happen.