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    Episode 6 — Building The Track

    I just listened to this at work. It was so fast-paced and hilarious I got a little lightheaded trying not to laugh so loud that it would alert my coworkers. Flange that tunebar!
  2. disfibulator8

    Episode 4.3 — Recurring Segments: Day 3

    First off, I want to say kudos to Matt Besser for putting so much into the podcast, and hearing that he was hosting is why I chose to check it out. I think he deserves to wear a gold medal around and/or have a trophy with "Founding Member of UCB" engraved on it. I disagree with the elimination this week, though. Not that Hamm Radio put in a good enough submission not to be eliminated, but I thought the Fort's submission made no sense and had even less laugh-potential than BH's bizarre movie trailer. Their clarification should not have been taken into account in deciding the elimination. On balance, do not see it changing the outcome of the competition as I would bet BH would not have been able to get to the end. If the Fort somehow salvages things enough to win, they will deserve it. The whole process has been yielding some great results, and Mr. Besser obviously knows a great deal about comedy and has great taste. None of the results have been way off, especially giving room for a reasonable amount of subjectivity. I agree about the frontrunners, and the factors taken into account have been balanced. Overall, greatness - I just disagree with which one should have gotten cut of the bottom two.